Tuesday, December 31, 2013



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Hermana Alison Ball
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Hermana Alison Ball
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Sunday, October 20, 2013

10 weeks

I love to see the temple.

President Anderson challenged me to visit the temple 12 times in the next 11 weeks. I don't have a temple in Osorno so I'm working on getting 18 months worth of blessings now :)

Timpanogos Temple 10/18/2013

THE BEST. Everything started perfectly when I walked in and found Sister Lasky and Sister Bradshaw were my helpers. Then as we were waiting our dearest James and Julie walked into our session. With the spirit, my parents and those that love me Friday was one of, if not the, very best days of my life. 

Draper 2/12


Testimonies n' stuff

Cryin' and singin' 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Opening

Mom and I were out grocery shopping when we pulled in to the neighborhood to see the mail man 5 houses away from mine. Mom started honking, Nate was yelling and I had already started crying. We weren't even sure if the call was going to come that day- when I opened the mailbox I was so sad because it wasn't there. Except it was, just upside down and stuck under a magazine. We went crazy. Then had this super quiet moment where we just looked at at- then mom took it and said, "Let's just open it now." 

 Literally the best feeling ever. I had been so nervous for weeks about where I would spend the next 18 month, but once I read "Chile" I had one of those moments you hear about. It's super personal and the best. But I received a special witness from the spirit, testifying to me, that Chile was home.

 I sure love this crazy family. This gospel is the only thing that could keep me from them with pretty much no contact for 18 months.


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

August 27, 2013

I am preparing to serve a mission, I have finished the paperwork and appointments and am just waiting on the bishop and stake president. I am putting my availability as December 23rd, right after semester ends and cannot wait to join the field! I’ve always wanted to serve a mission but I first made the decision in Palmyra, New York. I was on a tour of Joseph Smiths log cabin and the sister missionary tour guide had such a love for the gospel I could actually see myself in her shoes. For the next 4 mornings I studied in the Sacred Grove every morning and not only pictured myself as a missionary, but started making plans. This was two months before the October general conference and the mission age change. That day in Palmyra I dedicated myself to be a member missionary and when President Monson announced the new mission age I knew it was for me.

I cannot wait to serve. I know this church is true. My knowledge that I have a Heavenly Father and am a daughter of God is the center of my testimony. I have read the Book of Mormon and have taken Moroni’s challenge, I prayed to my Heavenly Father and received personal revelation that this church is the only true church. That it is His church. I know the stories are a real history of the ancient prophets in the America’s and if I obey it’s content I will live a happier life.

I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet and only through God he translated the Book of Mormon. I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus appeared to him in the Sacred Grove and that later he received the true priesthood. The same priesthood that has been passed to my dad. I love having the priesthood in my home. I know it protects my family and I hold dear to the fathers blessings I have received.

I know that prayer is a real way I can communicate with my Father. I know he knows me individually and loves me. I know that if I faithfully follow my patriarchal blessing I will obtain the blessing promised. I love the temple. I cannot wait to be endowed and be able to enjoy its full blessings. I cannot wait to meet and celebrate this gospel with the people whose work I have been able to do.

I know that today President Monson is a true and living prophet. He is one of Heavenly Fathers many ways of communicating to me what I need to do. I love President Monson and the apostles.

I love this gospel. It has given a meaning to my life. I know I am a daughter of a loving and just Heavenly Father. I know Jesus Christ is my savior. I know that because of the atonement I can be forgiven and return to live with Him. I know that he has signed his name on my sins and I hope I can live in a way that he will be proud of me. Because of his sacrifice I can have a happy eternal life.

He is my savior and redeemer. My brother and companion. He is my friend and I love him.  I cannot wait for the adventure to come.