Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mama Ball

Hola familia! 

Ok I am just jump into it because you guessed it- its been a crazy week. 

-Ok our investigator Julia is the best. Our lessons have become so good- like killer real. We plan a lesson but every time we just put our notes down and go with the spirit and it is so good. I love it. Its my favorite part of the day- we teach her every morning and it sets the mood for the day. Best. 

-We were asked in class what we want most in life and I could I think about was you mama and pops. I want what you have. I want a strong education and be strong in the church. I want to keep my best relationships with you, like you have with your parents and in-laws. I want a family that is fun and works hard and is full of love. And I want to be crazy in love. I just miss you and talking with some of the missionaries here who have bad relationships with their parents just makes me miss you more. Oh boy, I love you. 

-I love hearing the sacrament prayer in Spanish. I love it. 

-Oh I have had some crazy experiences with my calling as sister missionary trainer- when I got to the CCM I didn’t have a missionary trainer and it was hard- I was just thrown into it but it was good for me to learn and I am glad the other sisters got a trainer. But with my calling I didn’t know what to really do or how to best help the girls- so I just took it to the Lord then when with it. 
My Hma's outside the tienda (store) taking a study break and getting some ice cream.
There is a quote here; ¨pray like everything depends on the lord. Then work like everything depends on you.”  And that’s just what I tried to do. I have seen some true miracles and been truly prompted by the spirit. 

I don’t know how to explain it.  Hms J looked all good and happy and it was her first week and I just felt like something was up so after the movie on Sunday I pulled her out into the hall and just started talking and in the scriptures we are promised if we open our mouths they will be filled. We  just started talking and all of a sudden I was talking about the song we just sang, “God be with you till we meet again”- and I mentioned how hard it is to lose people but how proud they are that we are serving. While I was talking I thought about Gordon, but then she just started crying and hugging me because her friend just passed away and she cant stop thinking about her and she has really been struggling with it. It was amazing and I was so grateful that I was able to explain my experience with death but the joys of missionary work and how we are going to be teaching people just like us who have lost people, but don’t know that they will be with them again. It was a powerful thing. 

Hma H- was crying in the laundry room and even though it was the middle of the day and not p-day (laundry day). I just felt like I needed to see what was up in the room. We then chatted just real heart to heart and it was amazing. 

Or Hma H. has been struggling a lot- and a couple nights ago she just came in my room we jumped on top of my bed and chatted it out. Said some prayers and read some scriptures then she felt better. But 2 nights ago I was going to get in bed and just felt like I should go to the kitchen - which was a ridiculous thought because our kitchen is completely empty- doesn’t even have a table or anything. So I went to get back in bed thinking I was just hungry or something but then felt it again. So I went in and Hma A. was crying and when she saw me she was just like oooh no. So I gave her a hug and asked what was up and I guess she had just prayed for an answer that if no one answered she knew it wasn’t for her. But if someone came in she knew she had to change. This was when I was most grateful I listened and now no matter how crazy it seems I make sure to follow Nephi’s example and just go and do- not knowing before hand why.

These are not even all of the crazy experience I have had this week but I am just so grateful for the spirit in my life. I knew in each of these situations it was not I but that I was needed. 

studying in the back yard
Then the last couple weeks I have been chatting with Elder Wasden about something he’s a struggling with and on Sunday we were waiting for a movie to start so our conversation turned to his little problem- he’s just not getting an answer about something. Then the devotional started and it was exactly what he needed- we were teasing there were cameras and he was being punked because it was that exact. It was power. 

-Then me and my companion Taught a killer 5-minute lesson to two of the workers- 1 was Mormon and the other wasn’t and it was just a quick God loves you, knows you. We know this. Pray and you will know. Solid. 

I am grateful for this gospel I love it. And I do miss you guys- but I know I have literally nothing waiting for me at home. Working here and helping these Hermana’s is the best. I am still really struggling with the language. It is hard for me to know what to say- but not how too. And I am so scared that I only have 13 days left in the CCM. When I think about how fast the last 29 days have been it makes me so nervous- but I can’t wait to get in the field. 

Ok this week has been full of spiritual highs but it also has just been full of full on killer funny moments. I can’t even begin to explain them all.


-Ok my friend in a different district Elder A. got a hair cut and I wouldn’t say it was bad. I just wouldn’t say it was good. It is just a super short army cut. So he was feeling all bad about his haircut and we were kind a teasing him. I’d just go into the army stance and salute when he went by- but he’s a way funny and fun guy so he can talk the little jokes. But he told me this after- we were in the lunchroom and I guess he was waving at me and I was just zoned out walking by then his comp was like ¨dude you know your haircuts bad when the nicest girl at the CCM wont look or wave at ya. ¨ So funny. Now it’s the joke- classic. 

This picture is my Hma getting her hair cut and we did not know how to talk to them. If they had asked about the gospel we could have answered but we didn't know how to explain hair. It was stressful

- Oh so sometimes the food here is really good- and sometimes it isn’t. And sometimes you just get bored with it. So we make something new of the lunch we are given. Oh man- we have made some gems. Just mixing and mashing and microwaving stuff. Our thing this week was baby food we made. Ok I know that sounds nasty when I say it that way but we just mixed peanut butter and honey and mix it in a cup then mash bananas in it and just a lil bit of milk. Oh my gosh. It is so good. We usually just eat it with a spoon- but we put some on toast or an apple and oh man- it is gold. Some of the other stuff we have made is good and some is straight up nasty but this banana mix. - ohhhhh boy.

-So I am still Hma Sunshine but the newest name in my house is Mama Ball. And I love it. Every night the girls get in bed or gather around and I stand up and make up a story about the day and us. So funny. I crack myself up- but it is a good stress reliever and we always end up just crying from laughing so hard. Last night was how we were an ancient tribe and what each of our spirit animals are. Then I pretend to tuck them in and give me a lil kiss on the forehead or a hug and turn the light off. Love it- this is the first week I haven’t had any of my girls cry themself to sleep so that a huge thing. 

Umm the Sunday night movies are always cheesy terrible 90s church flicks and they are the worst- we love it.

Oh there is an elder and sister who are both so sweet- but they just love their smeagul impersonation voices and it is so creepy and they chat to each other in them and its hilarious. A little bit of nerd love but it’s the best. 
Oh so this week we played volleyball everyday and sometimes I mess up but people think I am just skilled. Like I have tripped so many times but people think I am diving for the ball. Ha-ha they just think I’m into the game- hah wasden and my comp- spencer are the only ones who know I am just a screw up and it’s so funny. 

Oh then lastly we were in the store here and they got a new shipment of ties- so the Elders all rush over and it’s like a frenzy of 20 elders in one little corner. So wasdens like “hey where hma spencer?”- then just starts busting up laughing pointing to the elders because she is stuck in the middle yelling for me to help her seriously elbowing and fighting her way out. So funny. We couldn’t even help her because we were laughing too hard. And all the elders are just fighting over the 5-dollar ties. Hahah. 

Ok then the best of the week. Oh man my fingers hurt from typing. But this week was just tooo good. 

Ok our night teacher. Hermano Mendoza is the BEST. Seriously. So he is just a natural teacher and has the perfect amount of fun and spiritual and work and everything. I think I have a little crush on him. Ha-ha. But he went to high school here so it so cool. Like when we were learning about taking our investigators to church. He took us to the room he had sacrament when we went here and we had the lesson there and it was so spiritual and just cool. Or he will take us to different places that meant something for him then or for him now. Cool. When I grow up I want to be like him. 

-Ok my Elle Black- who was one of my favorite people at byu in my singles ward is here- and not just here. But in my branch! It is the best.

-I love praying all day. I love it. 

- Gym. Best. Sand volleyball in 75 plus weather best. So we do volleyball everyday but for a little bit before it I do something else. Like one day I did jump rope with all Latinas and it was so fun. Or I was on a team with the girls from the Dominican Republic. (Which their accent is crazy so we just end up laughing and doing charades to try and communicate. best) or we have stationary bikes in the gym so I was racing the Latino elders. So fun.

Love studying in the sunny sun. I am so tan. Megan babe. You would be hating right now. That how good it is. I’ll take an awkward selfie of my arm to show you- it prob. wont do justice.  And the Latinos tease me that if I get anymore sunburned or tan and I will look Latino. 

-So I taught Julia about the word of wisdom- and she said she was addicted to cocaine. So I was just shocked for a minute trying to think how I was going to explain this in Spanish and my companion is all chill. And just chats. Then it turns out she was addicted to caffeine and coffee. Ha-ha it was so funny and when I told them what I thought she said they just bust up laughing. Hahah. 

So our next lesson I grabbed some herbal teas from the breakfast and gave them to her as a gift for when ever she wants to drink coffee- just drink them and think about us and gods love and her strength and I made it all sappy and cheesy and Julia and my comp just starts busting up. 

Oh last night we heard a full on crazy street race and police and all this stuff it was so cool. Sometimes we hear gunshots and cannons, which sometime we think, are lil bombs. But then there are also a lot of fireworks so it’s a game to see what it is and our teachers help us if it’s a firework or not ha-ha. 

Ok the NOT BEST of the week.
- Mom I am all out of my supply of chocolates and good and plenty’s from the airplane. But I am surviving. 
-Only 13 days left. Crazy.
-Some people stress me out. Ha-ha but it keeps it interesting.
-And I don’t know what I am going to do it Chile when it is quite and when there are not police sirens all day.

Ok so I went to Hma Jones house- the cutest senior computer lady. And she let me use her phone because my credit card isn’t work- dad can you get my pin and try to email me the numbers of it today. Because I need it bad. But I used her phone and when I picked it up I almost called you. No joke. I wanted to but I didn’t. 

Umm I have had so many mtgs and classes and leadership mtg but it’s the best. I am so tired but in a good way.

Ok I have gotta go. Its lunchtime and I missed breakfast this morning so imma starving. But I love you so much. Keep on keeping on and listen for the spirit. 

xoxo hma sunshine.