Wednesday, January 1, 2014


hello family- (this keyboard is weird and i dont want to waste time trying to figure it out so punctuation and stuff might be off.) 

The CCM rocks! I already love this place. Its amazing. we got off the plane- waited for a bus then drove through the city for about a half hour. its exactly what i imagined mexico to be like- so colorful and so dirty- but in the best of ways. its crazy.  there is graffiti everywhere and garbage and colors and people and new smells and sounds then you pull up to the ccm (MTC) and it serious is like a little haven. the grounds are beautiful and the palm trees are huge and the walls are so clean. the moment you walk in you can feel a difference. 

i havent met my companion yet, but her name is hermana spencer and i just know she´ll be a gem. 

ok funny stories¨-

when i got to customs i got randomly picked out of the crowd for a suitcase search and they started pulling everything out- medicine, personal products, bras, then they had to have security come check my 1 million contacts. then i got search and questioned. it was so scary. 

but i made it! 

i´ve got the biggest smile on my face, the tag on my shirt and the lord on my side. 

like president kent said- its game time. 

gotta run. xoxox big hug, little kiss, big kiss, little hug

hermana ball

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