Wednesday, January 8, 2014

This week has been crazy?

this week has been crazy.

I dont have much time so im just going to haul buns so excuse punctuation and spelling.

ill just split the letter into the random thing, mtc, the funniest thing, worst thing, best thing and the spiritual bc i dont know how else to focus. seriously so much happened this week-

random thing this week:
- literally the second missionary I met (after the one who took our picture at the airport) was elder zack bradshaw’s second cousin! he is so cool and it was hilarious. He’s the best we´ve become good pals.

- then when i got off the bus in mexico, elder aaron liefer was the first person I saw. it was crazy because on sunday we were chatting with the stake president hoping we would run into each other and it was the best.

-we have a pet cricket in our room. It’s disgusting but we just can’t get ride of him.

-My district leader looks just like elder jones- he even asks like him. I swear something I’m just chillin with Kyle.
-They have a fruit here that is a dream- its an apple pear mix and stached them in my backpack for treats all day.

-I should be a sketcher airwalk spokesman or something. Seriously the best shoes. Ya did good mama. Ya did good.

-I joined Spanish choir. I love it. It helps with my pronunciation and is fun. But oh man I feel bad for the people singling next to me.

-There are baby sunflowers which are my favorite flowers (here- except I have only found on little patch so its where I study. best.

My District
Oh funniest story so before my farewell I scratched my eye and it was killer. So Sunday it was seriously killing. I couldn’t see and my eye was swollen and it hurt and I was stressing out. So we went to the doctor office but it was closed so I just went home and finished the day. Then that night I realized I was wearing both contacts in 1 eye. So stupid. Ha-ha but my district got a laugh. Everyone was worried about my eye so they were praying for time. ha-ha.

-Ok my district is the best. A little bit of the weirdest but a little but mostly the best. There are only 8 of us but I love them- especially the elders and my Hermana. They are killer.

-So Tuesday night we had a devotional and singing I started translating in my note all the words and phrases I knew0 Spanish is coming a long. Its hard and the worst. But the best and I’m having progress. Slow progress but progress.

CCM (mtc in spanish)
-ok it is so good. The mornings are long. But once lunch hits it’s the best.
Me and my Hermana
-My companion rocks. Seriously she is cool and not super uptight and we laugh so much- probably too much but it’s the best.
With Hermana Spencer

-ok ccm smells:
-In the morning it smells like raw sewage when we walk down our street but then in the afternoon it’s not bad.
- But our room smells like cleaning stuff like the mint stuff so its good.
My Little Casa

we live in little casas and they are the cutest. love. 

-I was made senior companion which i like bc I get to lead out and its cool. Especially with prayers.
-Everyone in my district has at least 2 years of Spanish so it is really hard coming from zero. I have to work so hard to even begin to catch up but mama and pops you taught me well.

-Oh it is sunny here. No like hot but good sun. So we sit outside and study. started moving my desk outside and everyone makes fun of me but they are haters bc it is a dream.

-The food is eeehhhh.

-There are about 350 missionaries here and a lot are from America or Canada- it’s the best. And its a small enough number of missionaries I’m getting to know people really well0 seriously I think I’ve met everyone and its best. were becoming dear friends.

-There are weird noises here. But I love it. Like fireworks all day long. All day and all night. Then random cannons every hour or two- like this morning a bunch of cannons went off at 6.50 am. Then like 15 min ago a bunch more went off. Fire trucks and police sirens all day. I love it.

-Tamales. Mmmm enough said.

-The air is so warm and if you’re in a gross spot smell bad but if you’re in a good smells is the best.

Funny things<:
- Ok it was like our pasta in Italy- our first night here I was so excited for good Mexican food and we had hamburgers, ice-cream and curly fries. We were so mad.

-Then on the plane over one of the elders has a very loud voice but a girl was talking about how she is so sad that she forgot to say goodbye to her dog bc he will probably die why she is gone when this elders starts chatting about how he is the same way only about his grandma. ahah so funny but I was sitting a couple rows ahead with a non member and he asked if all Mormons were inconsiderate which made me laugh even harder.

-our bus looks just like the magic school bus. It’s so good.

-I lead Mormon yoga during gym. So we do things like "warrior nephi" and "a child’s prayer" or "the tree of life" its is so funny and the elders have started joining. Best.

-so there is this cat that we were messing with and the elders started singing lion king so I picked it up like simba. Then it got a lil mad and bit me but don’t worry mom I don’t think I have rabies or anything. haha sure picking up a sick cat in Mexico wasn’t the smartest but my fingers just a little red and if it gets worst ill just go to the doctor. no stress.

-so i had my tim tam from christmas. worst tim tam slam ever. instead of chocolate milk i had filtered water but it tasted like home. haha.

-we have kayne time with one of the elders in our district. where he tried to sing American songs in Spanish. So good. yesterday we translated gold digger then tired to explain it to our hma when she didnt know the word. So funny.

Worst things
-Breakfast is nasty. like it’s so hard to eat healthy and its just straight up nast. But I just stalk up and fruit so its good.

-One of the elders in our group is really struggling and I hate it. He is the best and I just want to give him 100 hugs a day.

-I am never alone. Sometimes I hide in the bathroom or sneak in the hall to study but my hma always finds me.
-spanish is hard and kick butt.

-waking up in the morning

-the morning smell like sewage. but I’m getting used to it. I dont know what im going to do in chile with fresh air.

-our power goes out. at dinner in the classroom this whole day our house hasn’t had power. but this doesnt really count as a worst bc it is part of the experience like all these "worsts" I love them all. even the nast breakfast.

best things-
-flying in to mexico city. Seriously it is huge. like the city just goes on forever.

-the cantaloupe is dreamy. so good. My favorite part of every meal.

-gym time is my favorite time. My favorite things we’ve done are the bikes and we play ultimate ping pong and tennis with the elders. So good.

-ok so I had to buy shampoo and conditioner. the shampoo is mint and the conditioner is chocolate flavored so i smell like a byu brownie. It’s the best.

-I have the service project here. Ill explain if I have time but they are killers. Especially the spur of the moment ones. we just help the lations with work around campus.

-mom your quote book was inspires. Seriously so good.

-our teacher is seriously just a 24 year old dora the explorer. She kind of talks in a little kid voice and looks like her and is the cutest.

-ok killer week.
-so I sat by a non member on the plane over so cool. Chatted all about our different churches and missions. best. A way cool first mission experience as a missionary.

-then we all chatted with an investigator. she was solid. but she was struggling bc her grandpa just died of cancer so I explained my experience with Gordon and the plan of salvation and love and joy and it was THE BEST THING EVER. Seriously I would call it the number one of the week.

- we had a recorded devotional and at the end the provo mtc sang abide with me in english and we sang it in spanish. holy cow. The church is true.

-we have had 3 investigator experiences and all have been way spiritual, way hard bc they are only in Spanish. but the best. Explain more next week.
-fast Sunday- killer testimony meeting.

-d&c 6;36. psalms 100.2 . mosiah 24. 15. and isaiah 55. 8-9 are my jams.

I have .2 seconds. but oh man I sure love you. seriously. so much love. but I love this almost more :) its hard but already worth it.

next week ill write spiritual first bc i am out of time.dang it. ok what eves-.

my shoulders ache, the language is frustrating, my feet are blistered but my heart is full.

xoxo. "Doubt not, fear not"

-Hermana ball

oh and ps look at mosiah 4 27 and isaiah 40.31 someone needs to tell the ccm these bc i am exhausted!

the little pink house im sitting in front of is my house

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