Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hermana Lioness

Mexico City Temple
Yummy tangerines we bought 
Ok I know I say this every week- but this week was CRAZY. 

First I’m more than half way done with the MTC. Crazy. Can’t believe I’m half way there (cue mom) “oooooh living on a prayer.” 

But we just got back from the Mexico City temple- we couldn´t do a session or go inside but we got to leave campus and tour the visitor center. Seriously the best morning ever. Mexico City is crazy. The temple is crazy, this gospel is crazy. I love it. 

Ok spiritual. Where to begin. 

Thank you for fasting with me, I could feel the love. Especially in my lessons with Julia, Arturo and Elias (my investigators). 
The yummiest things I have found yet.  Not sure what they are.
Some kind of cookie.

-We had the best lesson yet. It was with Arturo Monday night. So good- it was the first time here I have truly taught. Before, I went in I just prayed that I would be able to understand and teach and I simply was given the gift of tongues- it was amazing. I don’t know why this time it was different bc I have been praying every time, but it was solid and beautiful. One of those experiences where after I just had to stand in the hall and say a prayer of     pure gratitude- best.

-Then Thursday night we were told we had 2 minutes then we needed to teach this investigator. It was crazy we didn’t have any notes or preach my gospel- just the book of Mormon and the spirit. It was so good. Man I love the spirit. 

-Then with Julia we committed her to baptism- (its fake) but it’s for Feb. 18. This was cool bc we have committed 5 investigators to baptism. But this one was almost real and so spiritual and just the best.

I am sorry if I am just going in circles with these stories- I don’t know how to explain myself- but just know there’s a lot of love and joy.

-Ok. 1 kings 19:20. This is you mom and dad. I was reading it and so grateful for yáll. For me the scripture is that you ask your parents for advice- then you just go and do it. Love.

-I am so grateful today for my testimony and my knowledge of the book of Mormon, joseph smith and this wonderful gospel. I was chatting with some of the elders and they are just unsure- they ¨know” it’s true but sometimes question what the spirit feels like or can’t say for a surety they know something is correct. Man I have been so blessed. One of them is struggling bc he doesn’t know what the spirit truly feels like but he’s trying to teach his investigators- I am just so grateful.

-Ok I LOVE singing hymns in Spanish. Usually me and Elder Wasden only get about half of it correct or even close and were way off pitch but it is the best. It brings the spirit so quickly and I love it.

-Sundays here are dreamy. I love them. The last three sacrament mtgs have been so good. The first week was fast Sunday- I bore my testimony and its crazy to think how much I’ve learned in three weeks. Then the second week I gave a talk and it was pretty good I guess. But it was nerve wracking bc the mtc president and his wife were there with the senior couples and all these people but it was good. Then this week was just solid. I love it.

-Ok I love fasting while taking the sacrament. It just makes it more. Man love.

- I got a blessing bc I was quite a bit ill. It was one of those blessing that I knew was not coming from my cute little dorky district leader but right from the lord. Completely inspired and completely real and true. 

-ok so so much funny has happened I literally can’t remember it all. 
 -But I am pretty sure everyone here is making fun of me all day. But I deserve it bc I am just a dork. But seriously, in one of the prayers this week, one said they were grateful for Hermana ball for keeping everyone on their toes and laughing. Which was hilarious.

-Then I started this thing in the cafeteria.  When someone is praying, I will take big hunk of meat on their plate, or watermelon, or make a smiley face or something.  Then when they open their eyes its a little surprise. The first time I did it the elder literally looked up the ceiling as if it were God. We were crying we were laughing so hard. But now everyone gets nervous to say a prayer. ha-ha

-umm I pulled out a little supply of good and plenty’s in TALL (our computer lab with the language) and an elder thought they were pills. And got really worried about my health. Then it just turned into how TALL makes us crazy so we have to take crazy pills.

-ok my hair is huge. Seriously everyday it gets bigger. And I know every week I tell you the new nicknames people give me but everyday I get 1 or 2 more. My favorite this week was Hermana lioness. That how big my hair is.

- We are having a lot of girls who are struggling, which I hate. But I’m now the mama and pretty much a therapist but I love it. Seriously every night its someone new. 
-Ok so in the mornings it smells like raw sewage right. Well the other morning it was full on reeky burning raw sewage smell- so much so we had to cover our faces with our shirts. But it went away so it’s good.
-Umm the tile here is so cold. It makes getting out of bed impossible. And the class rooms gets really cold. We started having part of our classes outside in the sunny sun and its dreamy.

- I got really sick the other night. I’m good now but it was bad. I threw up and the whole class is just chilling there then the nasty cat that bit me came over and was trying to lick my leg and the garbage why I was throwing up. It was sick wrong. But I am doing much better now. I went to the doc and he was a gem. Pumped me full of stuff and pepto so I’m good.
-When I flew here I left one of my notebooks with pictures in it on the plane. Worst. So when I get to Chile send me pictures if you want me to remember you. 

-Ok so we were asked to be investigators for the Latinos who were leaving and when they were talking to us I had a stress out bc I am pretty sure they were not speaking Spanish it was so fast. But it’s all good.
-I run into so many people I know here. I love it. And its just bc I lived in UT valley and went to byu but its so good.  Every day I see like 7-8 friends.

-This week we played ton of volleyball. I love it. And I actually am not that bad, which makes it so fun. The elders still are pulling all the ¨ball” jokes and I don’t think they realized I went to junior high and have heard them all. But they think they are creative. It’s hilarious.

-In class we learned how to grammatically spell and correctly say the “nacho libre” quotes. 

-Umm my night class teacher is the BEST. Seriously. Like to the point where I love class. And where when we tell the other teachers who he is and they all tell us he is the best. Best.

-Ok can we talk about the french toast just for a minute- cinnamon and sugar french toast with nutella. Dreamy. It makes the other meals a little more ok.

-Ok I got a calling. I am the sister missionary trainer for all the new girls. I love it. Love these girls and helping them out. Love being mama.

Ok but are you ready for the BEST NEWS. The ccm is not dedicated bc it was being all finished up but they are going to dedicate it! so cool. And they are doing it the day before I leave and elder oaks is coming and I get to do this interview thing for it and speak Spanish or something I don’t even know but they asked if I would be part of it and I was like oooh heck yes. So I am pumped. Seriously. 

I know there were so many more spiritual and best moments and I will just write them with the pictures but my brain hurts and I can’t think anymore. And I gotta get to work- today when I opened my mail I had 38 emails. Oh my I am feeling the love. 

 doubt not, fear not. 

-Hermana sunshine. 

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