Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Opening

Mom and I were out grocery shopping when we pulled in to the neighborhood to see the mail man 5 houses away from mine. Mom started honking, Nate was yelling and I had already started crying. We weren't even sure if the call was going to come that day- when I opened the mailbox I was so sad because it wasn't there. Except it was, just upside down and stuck under a magazine. We went crazy. Then had this super quiet moment where we just looked at at- then mom took it and said, "Let's just open it now." 

 Literally the best feeling ever. I had been so nervous for weeks about where I would spend the next 18 month, but once I read "Chile" I had one of those moments you hear about. It's super personal and the best. But I received a special witness from the spirit, testifying to me, that Chile was home.

 I sure love this crazy family. This gospel is the only thing that could keep me from them with pretty much no contact for 18 months.


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