Monday, December 1, 2014

Slugs, toasters and the capitol of Patagonia

What a crazy week! First of all we found out cambios. (transfers) I am so sad to leave Rio Bueno- but so excited for this next adventure!

First, guess what? Hermana Parkinson is going to be a trainer- I am so happy. We have worked so hard and so well together. We really have had such a spiritual and such a fun, happy and laughing all the days cambio. I know she is going to do sooo good. I am so proud of her. 

Crazy thing- this week I called it. I just knew she was going to train- this cambio there is a huge serge of new missionaries and I knew she was going to be called.

This week was really, really great. It’s so sad because I have seen these last two cambios (transfers) work paying off and I won’t be here to see it through. But no importa. (not important)

C was baptized! It was so beautiful and perfect. She is so wonderful and seriously glows. I loved getting to know her, being able to teach with her and see her progress so quickly- and it was fun to teach with the Elders. So good. She is in our mission prep class and wants to prepare to serve a mission.

So we have 3 people that are going to be baptized in the next 3 weeks. I love them so much, M (who is a rock star- in the last 2 weeks she has progressed so much.) In two weeks she has been to church twice, 2 ward activities, English classes, primary program practices, then her kids were in the primary program and she wants to be baptized the 27th of December with her son. She knew the Elders a little bit in a different area- and has seen her life with them, then without the church, then with us. I love her so much because she know the Book of Mormon is true, this church is true and she is happier with the church. I can’t wait to hear about her progress.
Our district
We also had seminary graduation- where as missionaries we sang "We'll bring the world his truth" and "as sisters in Zion" in Spanish. Crazy powerful. Mom and dad, remember when the primary sang "We'll bring the world is truth" right after the age change conference?  Well, I thought about that while were singing. Remembering how it was my DREAM, how I couldn’t wait to be a missionary? Then to sing it now- as a missionary. So happy!

Then I ran into presidente vergara from Valdivia- him and his wife were my favorite family in Valdivia. He is the stake presidente and she was the relief society pres. We did a lot with them and it was so nice to catch up.

Two little funny things- I've been waking up with slug slime trails everywhere- luckily they haven’t got in my bed yet but my shoes and everything has these little glowing trails.

And I saw a toaster for the first time the other week. So cool. I had forgotten about toasters.

Also this week, our branch went to the temple! We went and waved and sent them off. It was so cute- they have been working for months to get the money and it was so cute to see how excited they were. Oh my, also H went and said it was amazing- he loved being able to do baptisms for his grandpa and seeing everyone in the branch gathered together in white. Love.

Also I sent a picture home of a horse- get this, so we are just walking down like it's nothing and see this little pony, so obviously we laugh and the man came out and told us to take a picture- so without thinking I go over and giver her a big ole hug and then about 5 minutes later my entire face, neck and arms were covered in hives. craziest thing ever- worst than any other allergic reacion (reaction) I've had- we were close to the mamitas so she helped us out then I got home and showered- now I am good. But it was craaaaaazy. Never more. No importa (doesn't matter) how cute it is.

Also, you see it snowed in Rio Bueno- oh wait, nope that’s just a whole lot of cotton. So this week was fun with the allergies. But it’s pretty looking so that’s cool.

Also we snagged a picture of our little English class- we asked them what they wanted to do and learn so we taught about how to order at McDonalds and what the different money means and all. Hahaha so stereotypical.

Well family this week it going to be awesome- I FLY to my new area on Wednesday. (What?) They are shipping me off to the second most southern part of the country and our mission. (Its called
Coyhaique, it's the capitol of Patagonia)  Where I am going to be a new Hermana Lider. (Training sister) I am so excited! Stories to come! :)

My new companions name is Hna Figuroa- I don’t know her but I am just soooo excited, she is Latina!

Gem of the week: Just imagine cute little presidente Hinckley saying this because I love it-¨You can be smart and happy or stupid and miserable... it´s your choice. ¨

So family lets be smart n happy. Right?

I love you muchly. I cannot wait for this next week!
Hna Ball

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