Monday, January 19, 2015

Hermana Ball: Cat Whisperer

´The answer to all of these challenges is the same as it has always been, we have a Savior. ´ -Elder Oaks.

This perfectly explains it. I love saying this to everyone I meet- WE HAVE A SAVIOR. And for that reason alone- it’s all good.

I love new cambios.(transfers)  Every 6 weeks we have the chance to start over. To make new goals, to see what worked and what didn´t. And with a new companion- we literally can start over. Forget the mistakes and try again to be the best disciple of JesuCristo possible.

This last cambio was killer. I love Hermana Segura so much. We kicked it and it was hard to say goodbye. We ended with a couple tears and a cotton candy.

I also sent home a photo of our old zone. We always take a zone photo but what’s cool is the people are in order of time in the mission. For example, Hermana Segura is on the far left because she's finished and the elder on her right finishes next and so on in the chairs then the kids standing up are the same.

I am waaaay to close to the end seat. It was hard for me to receive the card this week with all the "go home information." Just thinking about it again right now is making my throat really tight and my eyes are just killing with allergies....  I hate it. I love being a missionary so much. Presidente has banned me from asking for an extension. He says it just isn’t going to happen because I have another mission. . . chao no mas.

But lets just forget about that. Back to my week in Coyhaique.

We had more lunches and a family home evening with Familia Soto. They are soo good- always giving what ever they can to us as missionaries. Food, a house, the sleeping bags. Everything possible.

While in Coyhaique I had some time to be in a trio with two of my hermanitas. (sister missionaries) It was interesting and way cool. Interesting to make sure to help both and to see how they are working together and everything. I loved it. We had a couple really strong lessons.

One of which was with an atheist middle-aged man in the street. It was so hard to see how hard his heart is to God. I asked him why he didn´t believe in God. If he had had an experience specific, etc. and he quickly replied with ¨You ask me why I don´t believe in God. But I want to ask you- Why do I have to. ¨ In this moment the spirit confirmed to me so strongly that we are children of God. As I testified that he has to believe in God, because it’s who he is. He is a son of a loving father, truly and literally. It’s his soul, his spirit. Its just who he is.

I began to talk about his son, who has 7 years. I asked if he loved his son (with the plan to then relate his love for his son- as our father in heaven) to which he replied straight up that he does not want to be a father.

And that’s where the problem is. I love this gospel because we not only have the knowledge of our heavenly father and his love, but our home and families are filled with it.

We tried to testify, but were cut off. But I love this experience because the spirit testified to me as I testified of Him that is truly is true.

Its like Elder Oaks said, the answer to all of these challenges is the same as it has always been, we have a Savior.

This week had been awesome. Let me introduce you to my new companion- Hermana Contreres! She is from Guatemala and a rock star. She has two more cambios in the mission than me-, which means she is going to be finishing in these next two. I love being the young sister leader because I am learning so much. This weekend we kicked it. We fasted together to find new people then we went and spent 2 days straight of knocking doors. We have found just a couple- but I am excited to see what will happen with them.

2 funny stories. I sent home a picture of us by a car and a gate- we were in Coyhiaque and we were pumped to leave to work for the first time when we left the house of our hermanitas and went to the gate- to find we had left the keys in the house.

But get this mom, ha-ha. So my companion asked me if I had the keys before shutting the door, I felt in my backpack pocket. Yes. Then we get out and realized it was just my collection of rocks I’d picked up for you. Ha-ha

But it was funny because we were so pumped to leave for the first time to work and then had to sit and wait for the Hermana’s to save us. I was ready to jump the fence- but she thought we´d look like thieves and the neighbors would call the police because of the area we were in. ha-ha. That’s why it’s good to have a Latina companion.

The other funny thing. Yesterday we were in a lesson and this lady has literally 10 cats that are the worst. Always crawling over our stuff and us. So we are trying to have the spirit and when my comp is talking, I am trying to be the cat whisperer. Trying to get them away from us- and then she fights them off as I am talking. Well, at one point we are testifying of prophets and she picks up her backpack to grab something and reaches in and just starts screaming and throws the backpack- so I am screaming because she is screaming and the investigators a shrieking. Ha-ha it turns out that one of the cats had crawled into her backpack and when she reached in it freaked out. Sooo funny. We were dying laughing when we sit back down and we are trying to not laugh because of the spirit but we are dying.
So we just look at each other like- ok now what. And I go into this analogy of how this cat in the backpack in like the apostasía (apostosy) - honestly it was a killer analogy of the confusion and not knowing and stuff. But my comp is just holding it in as I am literally testifying of cat in the backpack as the apostasía. Soooo fuuunnny.

I think I am starting my own apostasía here in Puerto Cisnes ha-ha.

But this week I felt the love let me tell you. MAIL. Oh, I have the best ward ever.

I got the poster from the ward and loove it. Especially Jeremy’s little side notes to everyone. So funny. I also received letters from the Ostlers, Lymans, Lynell, Toni Foster, Thayns, Carters! Best ward ever!

Then I got letters from Elder Wasden, Jake Butters mom, grandma ball and dad's postcard. loove love love.

I also love this branch so much. Our presidente is the best. His family really is my family here (megs the plan is still on for the marriage right...?) but it’s been so cute. Him and his wife invited us over to have a nice dinner with them because it was the night of their anniversary. They said they would to celebrate it with us. I love them. Seriously who does that? They are so good.

Ok, last story short. We have an investigator. S who was not progressing at all. But long story short. She got hospitalized and while there she was really scared and didn't know what to do. She remembered how we taught her to pray and she said that she prayed 3 times that day. For very specific things as we taught. And that in the same day all 3 things were answered. Almost immediately.

We explained that she felt good to pray and that night while they were in the hospital at 10 o’clock she remembered her Book of Mormon in their house. So she made her mom leave- take the big walk home, in the dark and rain- to get the book. She said she read it and felt good.

All we could do was testify of God, of His love and the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. It was amazing. She still has a lot of doubts- but wants to work towards the end of February as a goal to be baptized.

I hope she sees all of these miracles because I know God loves her and if she just feels and sees and prays and reads she´ll know it.

I love it here. I love it. I love it. I love it.

Well family I got to run. Love you.

xoxo Hna ball

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