Friday, June 20, 2014


Hola familia- 

What a week. Crazy. So much rain, so much of the spirit, so much service and so much futbol. 

To start us off- my two favorite lessons this week-

My favorite was one we taught to a sweet Peruvian family about ¨Who is Jesucristo? ¨ We went through with photos and explained the whole life story of him, his ministry, his death and the fact that he lives today. It was so simple and I love being able to testify of him. After we taught them how to pray and they committed to all pray to know if he really knows them. Oh I love it. 

The second lesson was with a new mom- we visited her and she is a little bit sick, and her new born is a little sick from it being so cold (right now everyone’s got to little something) but we taught her about the 2000 stripling warriors and their mothers. The role of a mother and the sacred opportunity she has to raise her child, so when trials or wars come- she can explain I know what to do, and I know what is right- because my mother taught me. It was so pretty and we all ended up on tears. Mom- I miss you so much it’s sometimes hard to read this scripture with families or think about you to much- but I love it. Because am able to testify of the power of mothers and women in this church. I am able to testify of righteous mothers- because I´ve got the best example. I´m able to testify of the 2000 chicos and how they don´t doubt their mothers know it because with out a doubt I know you know it. 

Man I love you. 

This week was really hard. Things were a bit rough with a couple people; the rain was relentless (only 1.5 days without rain all day and all night). But it was also really rewarding and I was able to grow a lot. There was one day specifically hard we had been trying to teach for hours- we´d visited about 10 houses and no one would let us in or listen. Everyone was a bit harsh- and it resulted in Hna R crying under the umbrella, which made me cry. So we are just standing there with the dogs with little tears when I say the prayer- just about how we didn't need people to accept us, or let us in, but how we just needed a little help and a little comfort and an opportunity to be good missionaries. 

Literally the minute we opened out eyes we saw a lady not even 8 feet from us trying to walk with tons of bags. I actually laughed because it was so perfect and so immediate but we ran over and helped her with the bags- chatting and all. When we got to her door she took the bags from us- and saw we were Mormon- had a little freak out and ran away. Ha. But none the less Heavenly Father had answered my prayer- for another long bit of time no one listened or let us in. But we were able to serve and honestly just laugh about the situation and continue on. 

I think this week that’s the main lesson to learn- laugh it off and keep on keeping on. I´ve tried doing that all my mission but especially this week we were giving many opportunities to cry it off or laugh it off- and we laughed it every time. 

This week we also had intercambios (changes with other missionaries)- I headed off to a different sector for the day and taught there. It was our only day with sun and it was glorious. Truly sunshine in my soul. 

Oh man but the rest of the week- it was raining men. No. But the streets were a crazy- another one of those just laugh it off moments were when we literally couldn’t get more wet so we just went for it with the puddles.  

This weeks mail. One package from the mommacita. With the gems leggings from auntie Debi. Oh are just the coziest. I am living large in my plush cozies. Stuck them by the fire- warmed me up and ooooh baby. 

Ok the picture- what’ve we got here. One from the train tracks where we walk to church every week. Love. 

Then Hna C. she is the best. She has been going with us for lessons lately and oh my testimony- we really have an amazing ward and a lot of support. But this little gem is her being me and me a being her. She’s a teaching me all sorts of stuff in broken Spanish. Ha-ha

Oh we decided to do what Jesus would do. And make American gems for the neighbors. Rice krispies. They loved it. 


Oh crazy- so its hard to talk to people with all the futbol- no one wants to let you in and its a wasteland when it's Chile playing. Literally all the stores close, no taxis, no people, somehow even the dogs disappear. No say. But we have permission to watch the parts of Chile if we are with an investigator- so yesterday I got to experience my first crazy futbol game with a house full of crazy Chileans. I looooove it. Before I wasn’t into futbol- at all. But oh man here it is so fun. And intense. Ha-ha I didnt take videos or pictures until after when it was just a couple of us. But what a gem experience. Looove. And Chile won 3 to 1 with Australia. The streets were crazy. Love. 

Well family I just saw your emails streaming in from Ireland so I'm going to jump off to read them. 

I love you so much. I’m not sure if I made this week sound like a bummer- because it really wasn’t. I learned so much. I am so grateful for the rain because I really am being humbled and really really learning to rely more on prayer and listening for the spirit because I need help knowing where to go. Pray for more rain because I always have the best experience! 

xoxo chi chi chi le le le Chile Chile  (the song of the street) xoxo
Hna number 1 futbol fan ball. 

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