Sunday, June 1, 2014


What a week!
First of all and the most important- R is getting baptized tonight! Wooohoo. Details to come.


Then we had an earthquake! It was crazy! All is well, I’m just a little ¨shooken¨up (ha). But really- we were sleeping and the first hit was so big it woke me up. But I just thought I was shivering because it’s so cold. But then the second part hit and it was the craziest feeling. They have been warning us an earthquake was coming- so after the second part hit we jumped up and got our backpacks ready, tennis shoes by the door, I moved Hna R bed away from the wall and then we said a little prayer and went back to bed. Luckily another didn't hit. But it was crazy. Nothing bad- honestly mostly just cool and weird. 
Then the miracle of the week- we have been working a lot with R- trying to teach her how to read. We started very simple, teaching the alphabet, teaching sounds with the letters, then reading words that were se-pe-ra-te-d like this. But then this week we wrote out scriptures in really big letters and she was able to read it after a couple times. Then the miracle, we open up to 1 Nephi 3:7 and she read it! And I love that the first scripture she read was "I will go and do."  It was so beautiful and crazy and I still almost don’t believe it. Then we continued on and read more and more then went to the introduction and read it- and she’s doing really well. And we know it's a little miracle and gift from Heavenly Father because she really wanted to be able to read the Book of Mormon before her baptism. 
But the part that was really sweet and tender and all for me was a couple weeks ago she was very frustrated about not knowing how to read and she had been crying with us and we were in the street and we stopped and I just looked at her and promised her, as a representative of Heavenly Father and with the authority of this calling, that if she would continue to prepare for baptism- she would be able to read. Afterwards I was a little scared about what I have just promised and such- but I felt the spirit so strong. And to see this promise come true-very humbling. 

The other little miracle is another about being obedient. It was raining- hard. It was dark, no one was out and no one was letting us in. It was so cold and it had been a really long day of a lot of rain. And we had 10-15 minutes before curfew and I was a little bit done with the day. You know?  It had been really successful and really good- just long. So we were heading up to the house and then I just thought "come on Ali. Its only 10 minutes more just one more door." So I just stopped right there and knocked the door- and it turns out to be a young (24 ish) girl who is wonderful. I am so excited to get to know her. We only talked for a bit because it was so late but we are going to return. I’m learning my lesson. Slowly- but I’m starting to learn to just try to be obedient in it all. And I love it. 

Rain, rain, rain

Oh my sweatshirt arm caught on fire this week. I was making muffins for the district meeting and we have our sketchy oven- the same that burned my hair, eyebrows and eyelashes (yeah they are still kind of nasty. But only the hair and its easy to cover it.) But it just had a little gas explosion thing- nothing bad. I only caught a little bit on fire. 

Oh this week was J’s birthday. A couple weeks ago grandma ball sent me a cheesecake pie mix so we cooked that up and had a real nice little fiesta. Man I love this silly little loving family. 
Oh then, we were walking on Thursday night and it had been raining all day. And the streets were a little bit flooded. So we are walking and all of a sudden I see the bus and I see the flooded street and right to late I realized what was about to go down. This huuuuge wave of water, not even a wave, a wall of water is heading for me. So I do the only logical thing and try to jump over it. So funny. Hna R got nothing and I am standing there soaked through. Completely. It was like a movie so funny. 

aftermath of the "water wave"
Oh this week I felt the love. Let me tell you. I got sooooo much. Thank you, thank you. 

On Sunday I got letters from auntie Steph (best surprise), gma simpkins- the Easter letter, mom- with the talk from Brad Wilcox. Gold. And dad’s postcard. This made me laugh so hard. Oh my- you kids. Always know what to do. Then I got a package from gma ball- with lots of yummy treats and a biscuits mix that we made pancakes with. Best.

(Oh and speaking of food I am doing much better. Ate chicken heart mush thing the other day but I also went on a little shopping spree and bought lots of healthy really yummy food)

And I got a package from mom- with the downeast gems. Thank you, thank you.  I love the skirt and it is the perfect size. Then at zone conference I got more! A package from Marilyn- hooray! And her relief society. Tender mercy to the finest. Then more postcards- one from mom, dad, jer and 2 from Meg. Oh these are so embarrassing. But I looooove them. hahahaha the elders faces. Oh brother. But I love it. 
I have seriously 12ish really really sweet pictures from the week- but the stinking computer isn’t working. But I'll just keep a trying. 
But oh man- I can’t even tell you the amount of love that was in this week. I am so excited for R. I really want you guys to know her-one day! But she truly has completely changed her life and its gold.

Well family I got a baptism to get to! I love you. Keep trucking, hiking, mostly keep a praying. 
xoxo bacan bacon xoxo
Hermana ball

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