Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Rain, rain and pancakes!

This week I have learned a lot- a lot about obedience, a lot about forgiveness and a lot about love. 

First with the obedience, this Sunday we slept in 30 minutes extra. I hate it, I hate that we were not obedient and that it happened. We had a problem with the alarm, and I noticed it and just rolled back over and back to sleep. I'm so disappointed about this- because it really was stupid. 

That morning I thought about how I wasn´t obedient so now "R" probably 
won´t come to church- almost jokingly and in frustration with myself. But we called before church and she explained she was excited for sacrament. But when we got to church she was a no show- I was frustrated with myself. The fact I’d lost this, and ruined it for a couple minutes extra sleep. I just prayed so hard, for forgiveness, for her to show up and promised from then on I would be obedient. 

Right after I said my prayer and right before the sacrament hymn she walked in. I felt so much love and gratitude. Then during the sacrament I just prayed again and felt Heavenly Father and it was really special. A different feeling than I have usually had. I hate that this happened, that I made the wrong choice, but I am so grateful for heavenly father's forgiveness. And for the chance to take the sacrament- to listen to the prayer and feel that forgiveness and cleansing. 

However, I guess that’s what the mission is about- learning and growing and changing. 

This week I am also very grateful for my companion, Hermana Rodriguez. She is so patient with me.  With me stumbling through Spanish all day and trying to lead the sector. We have been reading the book of Mormon together every day in language study- she will read one verse in English and I help her with the pronunciation, then I will read the same verse in Spanish and she helps me. It has helped both of us in not only in our language skills, but as we read the book of Mormon together we find we have a different, and better spirit with us and we are a better companionship all around. 

Things are crazy with "R". Crazy good. We have the baptismal interview tonight! And if all goes well the baptism is next Saturday! Woohoo. Best news. 

First, it all started when she prayed for the first time- we were standing outside in the street because her family doesn’t like us much- and she prayed and it was so real. I actually opened my eyes because I thought she was talking to me for a minute. Then I realized she was just really truly talking to heavenly father. It was so cool. 

Then the spirit was so strong and she had said earlier she wanted to wait for a while before baptism to investigate more- but the spirit is crazy and right there I was like- "so you feel this?  It's the spirit."  Then were just like "your ready"- baptism this month and that jazz. And it’s a "yes" and it’s happening. 

Then, every lesson with her this week has been gold. She just knows its true. 

She told her husband about her decision and he just laughed and said some pretty nasty stuff about us. But she just explained its true, she knows its true, she loves heavenly father and knows this is what he wants. Crazy. 

Then she visited her brother this week and came back and explained how he talked about how much she has changed, how her eyes and whole character is different and when he asked why she said, ¨its because I’m going to be a Mormon! ¨ Cutest. 

Then, she doesn’t know how to read- but we are teaching her how and with the spirit its crazy how much progress she has. She wants to learn so she can read the book of Mormon! Best. 

I am so excited for her.

We also had a little miracle lesson this week. So we had an appointment but it fell through- so we were walking back to our sector a bit disappointed and we were walking a different way then usual and we started street contacting and were talking with this young mom and her babe and asked if a different day we could stop by her house and share more about our message and she explained that if it was ok with us, now was a good time (yeah-. I guess that ok with us! Woohoo) So we walked with her to her house, and ended up teaching all the about resurrection and she ended up praying and saying yes to the baptism invitation! Crazy. We have another appoint. With her in Monday and I am excited to see what will come of it! More to come! 

My other favorite lesson this week was where we talked about God’s love and a quote from president Monson- about how heavenly father loves us- always and how this love never changes. And it was magic. Seriously, one of those times when I was just testifying that he truly loves her and he truly knows and loves us- and I knew it was true. I was a crying, she’s a crying and the spirit- gold. 

It’s so true. He is my father and a lot of the time I think about my relationship with dad- and how even though he isn’t here with me, how I know he loves me and how I write him and explain my day and all. And I was just thinking about the relationship I have with heavenly father and how it is becoming so much more real. How it’s the same as with dad- he isn’t here- but he loves me- and it’s a different form of communication- but I can't see him but as I pray I really feel it. 

Funny of this week. Hna "C". We stopped by and chopped down these huge braches off of her tree. This was sketch. I’m standing on tiptoes with this saw. While they were all yelling Spanish at me. So funny. 

Then we had a FHE (Family home evening) with them and we made pancakkees- Chilean crepes. So good. However we had too much fun flipping them with the pan in the air- most landed everywhere else except the pan. So good. 

Also, last week elder Bradshaw sent me this link to a video with his letter and it was gold- we shared it in 5 of our lessons this week. In Spanish its "gracias a el." so probably thanks to him. But look it up. Love. 

This week I was attacked by another dog. Luckily I had 100 layers of rain clothes on so this time it didn't break skin- I just have a gnarly bruise on my arm. Love it. 

Yay I got two packages this week! Mom you are the best. One with the pink shirt from down east and love notes from meg (best love) and the other with the blue shirt and photos printed off. Thank you thank you. Best. 

I love it here. It’s really hard. Especially this week- with the cultural and language difference with Hna R. It's all-super great- just hard work. And I just am really grateful for you mom and pops and my heavenly mom and pops. 

Well family I've got to run. We have a baptism interview to prepare for! 

I love you! Keep praying, and reading, hiking and smiling. Sending the best of vibes from the rain and chilly of Chile (bad joke, sorry)

Hna (dog whisperer) ball

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