Monday, May 19, 2014

Rain and looking like the Devil...

Hola Familia!

What a week. I can’t believe we only talked on Sunday. Man I love you all. That was such a power boost for this week. You all are the best. And I still can't get over the fact Jeremy has abs. What happened to my little baby brother? 

This week has been one of, if not my favorite weeks in the mission. It has been so hard and so rewarding. I love my new companion and I love that she is Latina! This week my Spanish has improved so much and I have learned new ways to learn, teach and serve. 

We have been working really well together. My favorite part of this week was working with Hermana R, she is an investigator and the mother of our recent converso J. (convert J). We stopped by their house this week and R explained how she has depression and lately she has been feeling very nervous and scared. So we turned to the story of Jesus and Pedro (Peter) about walking on the water. My favorite part of this story is how it explains something along the lines of how Pedro (Peter) was scared, and then he calls out "Senior (Lord), save me." And immediately Jesus extended his hand. We related this to her and how it's ok to be scared at times, but what really matters and shows strength is what we do in those moments that we are scared. We explained how Jesus had his hand extended for her and all she had to do was grab it. We have a baptism date for her and we promised that if she came to church she would feel His love and the spirit.

Well, she came! When she walked in I was so happy, literally giddy. Then it was the best sacrament meeting we have had for the 3 months I have been in this ward. During the week our ward had a ward temple trip, and this Sunday was testimony meeting- the testimonies were so pure and full of love. Also her son, J, blessed the sacrament and bore testimony of how this church has changed his life and what he knows to be true.

I have never prayed so hard on the mission- the whole sacrament meeting I just sat and prayed and prayed that she would feel this spirit. Especially during the sacrament. And she did- there was one point where she was holding my hand and had a little tear in her eye and I had a little tear in my eye and we just looked at each other and smiled and it was in that moment I knew she was feeling it.

After sacrament we had our gospel doctrines class and then J explained he had to leave- so he told his mom they were heading if she wanted a ride- but she explained how she liked it and wanted to stay for the women’s class. Best. And in relief society all the women were so welcoming and loving.

I am so grateful for this experience because it was yet another testament to me that Heavenly Father really is directing this work. She is his daughter, and He wants so badly for her to know of his love. It was amazing to see his hand in not only her life, but in mine. He knew I was having a little bit of a rough week and needed the reminder that its ok to be scared at times. He knew I needed to have the test of faith to trust in him, first that I would know what to say, and how to say it in Spanish. Then that I needed the experience to just pray and pray and trust.

I am so grateful for Him and his hand in my life.

Also, this week my Spanish has improved so much. Just a little brag moment- I will probably pay for this is week- humility and all that stuff- but I am a little bit rocking it right now. I am so happy. It's hard and I still have a hard time getting my thoughts or points across in normal conversation- but in the lessons I am able to explain the gospel really, really well. And I am understanding almost 60 percent of the stuff Hna R. says - luckily her accent is El Salvador and much easier- but I am seeing progress with the Chileans. Hooray. But brag moment over because honestly it really is all the spirit and el don de lenguas (Gift of Tongues)- but either way it rocks. 

Ok lets see here- new news with Hermana R- I have been teaching her all the finer points of English and the American way. 'Merica jokes and what crunchy peanut butter is-  the words to Katy Perry "I kissed a girl and I liked it"- probably not the best song for a missionary.

Things are really well with her- hard because we are kind of still in that awkward part where we are trying to figure out how the other does stuff- and little things. But it’s really good. She says the longest prays. Ha-ha, I usually fall asleep it's so bad. She actually caught me once this week. Ahahhaha so funny. Now I have to make sure I kneel really uncomfortably.

Also, we both think we are thugs so it works out really well. 

Oh, then you know D. and P.? So they are the couple that just had the bebe (baby). He is a death metal rocker and all this stuff in a band, but he loves his music and all the crazy stuff. So in our lesson this week we introduced them to Mormon message and while we were on YouTube I saw a singles ward thing so I showed it to him. Hah he loves it. Especially the "battle hymn of the republic" and a lot of the music in the RM. Go listen to it and try to imagine him and his one-month-old babe. Its super hilarious. 
Non stop rain
Oh, also I have been told this week that I am one of the best at the chopping of the wood. Ha-ha little do they know that it's the time I use to think all my angry thoughts. Usually about Spanish and how I can't say what I want to. It’s really good for the soul and spirit- however my shoulders are wreck. I think I need to not be stressed about the language because its coming.

This week we went back to the FBI.  This time I knew it was the FBI so this was good. But we are finishing up my visa so I am almost legal!

Also, the people here believe we are witches of sorts. But for real- how they explain it it's like a Nanny McPhee thing or Mary Poppins. And they are dead serious. They believe we just pop in and fix stuff or do magic voodoo.  And then when the people are starting to get used to us, or even like us we leave. Hah which is kind of true. But lately I have been working on explaining how I am not actually a witch. (I think Jer, Meg and Nate might say something different when trying to wake me up however....)
drying our clothes off before heading out again

Also, every single person I have asked on my whole mission how old they think I am every single one says 23 years old. It’s so creepy. Every single one. Except the 8 year old said he thought I was 30 maybe a little older. So this one hurt. Ha-ha but I actually found one gray hair the other day- I think this place is making me old. Booo. 

Oh funny thing- so we have to start taking pictures of proselyting. Of the teaching so you can expect some gems because they are so awkward. Ha-ha

Ok, so I was thinking today and there are a lot of things they don't prepare you for when prepping for a mission:

1.  Like we don’t learn how to help a pregnant lady not throw up in church with breathing exercises. 
2.  How to pick flees out of your bed. 
3.  How to stop dogs from attacking.
4.  Or how to build the most beautiful fires. 
5.  How to layer your clothes for the rain. 
6.  How to take showers by jumping in and out because the waters cold. 
7.  How to use gas stoves. 
8.  How to shove 7-8 people in a small car. 
9.  Or they don’t teach us how to dodge the drunken men kisses.

But I love it!  Everyday is full of crazy little adventures. I'll try to remember them for next week. 

Well family- I got to run. I love you all. Keep on keeping on. Head up the canyon this week for me and say a couple little prayers and send the American Fork canyon vibes my way. 

Xoxo this week a child ripped my lip open with his fingernail. The same fingernail he had just petted a nasty sick dog of the street. So if you think your week is hard, no xoxoxo

Hermana Ball.

PS look up the video "Earthy Father, Heavenly Father". Just watched it pops and thought of you. So good.  So much love. 

PSS  I didn't realize until after that in the rain I look like the devil. So scary- I wouldn't let me in. Ahh, so my goal this week is to look more approachable. 

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