Saturday, May 3, 2014

Much needed beach time!

Hey family! 
Sorry I didn’t write on Saturday- I know how much you hate it. That's why I didn’t write. Naaah! We got to change our p-day and went to the beach with 8 of the Hermanas in our zone. The beeeest. We just got back and I’ve got sand in my hair and seaweed in my toes- literally its in my shoe- ahah. But my soul is rejuvenated and I feeeeel good. 

This week was crazy and next week will just be crazier. Its already time for transfers and I cant even believe it. We will find then out on Saturday- so news to come. But I am 100 percent sure I am staying in Los Laureles because Hna J has been here for 6 months and that is the max in an area- but I am cool with it. I love this ward and our investigators. 

However I'd be lying if I didn’t miss the annual Moab trip. Looked siiiiick.  But the funniest thing happened here. So we wanted to make José and Guissa a fun meal for Easter- with all American stuff. However they don’t have much here ha-ha so I had a bunch of tuna from grandma S. and it was perfect. We had the great idea to make tuna melts with potato chip and do smores. (Remember how hard it was to make stuff in Italy? think of that times 100 worst) so we buy all the stuff and are excited. Then we get to their house and realized we left most of it at our house which is such a long walk and we have no time- so we have to go to plan b and then plan c and then it just ended up with the worst meal I have ever made. It all was wrong and we had to chop wood for the stove so it took forever and it was terrible. Ha-ha burned, cold dry tuna sandwiches with out cheese or any condiments only pickles and no smores because we ran out of time. Ha-ha we just sat and laughed and cried from laughing because it was so pathetic. 

Poor kids. Luckily they are good sports. And it turns out they love the tuna and pickles. We went back over 2 days later and they made it for us for dinner and when we took the first bite they asked if we made it right. So cute. Hahah. I love them so much. 

Ok then it’s been crazy here will all the earthquakes and fires. We had a ward fast and it was really really powerful. It’s amazing the love this church has for everyone. 

Then we were visiting with one of our Young Women) one of the 2, her name is yasmin. Oh she is the cutest. But has a pretty hard home life- so we were talking about it and we felt she needed. So we headed to one of the members and he gave her first blessing since her baptism when she got the holy ghost and it was such a beautiful blessing of comfort and truly one of those so sweet and dear experience. It also just reminded me how happy I am to have a dad who has the priesthood and all the love and blessing I have received from it. 
Easter Breakfast

Then this week was hard- super powerful and super satisfying but hard because I took the lead in everything, every lesson, all planning, everything with the cell phone- everythingI Obviously Hna J helped a lot, but man it was rough but so good. Tears hard and tears good. You know?

Ok lets just get the bad over with.

Throat update- so it's still nasty and it's still siiiick but we have been to two little pharmacies here and we sent a picture to a doctor in Santiago and one lady here looked at it and we are figuring it out. I am on medicine so we will see if it kicks in.

Then pulga (flea) update. Siick. Hate them. Every morning checking the bed- eww then killing them is sick because their shells are so hard you have to put them between your finger nails.  

Oh then you know in "nacho libre" the line ¨nacho... I’ve had the runs since the Easters¨.  Hah truer words never spoken. Maybe because I’ve never had an Easter in South America. Ha-ha I think that’s enough info on that. 

Oh this was hilarious. So we had to do all these errands and I’m just going with it and we walk way far and its through all this weird stuff and then we just walk into this little ghetto building and all of a sudden all of these men have guns and I’m like "oh my!" and they take us into this room and Hna j pulls out her wallet and I am still just sitting there not understanding anything.   There are 3 of them and then I ask her what the heck going on because I’m a little nervous. Then she just leans over and says "its the FBI."  Apparently we had to do this stuff for her visa and it turned out to be super chill but so funny. In a month I will have to go back for my visa.  At times like this I love not knowing what’s going on- it keeps it interesting I guess. 

Oh this week I had mess ups with the language.  And these are just the two best. It happens way too much. 

The difference of mama with an accent on the a and mama. 

mama (accent) mom
mama - breast. 

So that one actually got me in a lot of trouble as a missionary. Ha-ha

And the other best was this old man talking to us on the street and I have no idea what he is saying but I just go with it and he tells me this whole thing- turns out he was saying ¨the trasndecent dove who shine bright and beautiful this is God, right? This is God. ¨ And I’m like yeah. Exactly.  And Hermana j- no. No its not. No. Ha-ha

Also, I still can’t get over how good the beach was today. It’s getting cold here- like camping in winter cold. Where every night I put on 3-4 pairs of sweats and 3 shirts and a sweatshirt and a hat (from cinda, I love it!) and gloves and I curl up in my bed and it is only the end of autumn- we haven’t even hit winter. Its times like this I remember I am at the end of the world. But I love it. Oh the beaches are called malcolque and bahia mansa if you want to look them up- so pretty. 

But I’ve just about got to run. But before I do one last thing. Go put on that Beatles song- sending all my love to you. And just imagine me sitting in this crazy lady’s house (the one who I sent the rocks from and who will be mom in a couple years) and imagine this song on repeat 4 times while she shows up these pictures of her vacation to the beach and me just thinking about you all and how much I love you. 

Well fam I love you muchly. Think of you always and pray for you sooo much because you all are little stinkers and need little blessings. Ha-ha miss you like crazy. 

Xoxoxo the beach was like Peru and Italy and different but I just thought of you all xoxxo

Hermana ball. 

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