Sunday, May 11, 2014

Going up flames...

(As Ali becomes more fluent in Spanish, English is starting to slide a bit.  Her Dad translated parts of this week’s letter for us.  His translation is in blue)

Tomorrow cannot come faster! I am so excited to talk to you- every time I start thinking about it I have to stop because I get little tears in my eyes- thats how excited I am. So prepare yourself for the waterworks tomorrow.

This week was soooooo good. Crazy. Good. But so hard. Luckily more good than hard.
Transfers are the best. Literally I couldn’t be happier. My companion is darling. Hermana Rodriguez from El Salvador. She is a tiny little thing and I already love her so much- she is very patient and kind. Which I was praying for. Then she knows the gospel and isn’t afraid to talk to everyone. Which here, the people are scary so this is good. Also her accent is way easier to understand than the Chilean. Por eso
(FOR THIS) I am so happy. Enserio (SERIOUS). Oh, I can’t even explain how good and how hard it is.

My head actually hurts its so hard- I’m leading the sector, doing all planning and phone and stuff. Luckily she is catching onto the sector rapido
(quickly) pero (but) its hard. I love it. I love the challenge of it.

This week was crazy spiritual- I think its because I am 100 percent obedient with the language (well I have to be) but seriously el don de lenguas
(gift of tongues) (I cant remember what this is in English. Sorry for the Spanish mom I know you hate it ha-ha) is real. And it is crazy.

My favorite lesson we had this week was with R.  The mother of José, my favorite. This week we stopped by and helped her and her husband clean the truck of mud and after she explained how she has been scared and nervous lately and how she has depression.

So we turned to the scriptures, because what’s better. Am I right? We read in Mateo
(Matthew) 14:24-33, I think (go read it) about Jesus and Pedro (Peter). How el (he) had fear and such. Oh so good. My favorite is  ¨he was afraid... cried Senor (Master), save me.” And immediately Jesus extendiendo (Jesus extended) his hand. Then I explained how it the same with her right now and the spirit was so strong. It was crazy- the power in that room and the power of a pure testimony. Both me and Hna R just testified to her and I had little tears and R had little tears and José almost did but then he is a ¨man¨ or something like that :)  But we have committed her a date for baptism and for church on Sunday. I love Hermana R so much. I love teaching her and seeing a little more light in her eyes every time. I love being a missionary- being able to bring people to Christ all day every day. Nothing better.

The other power moment of the week goes exactly along with my loving being a missionary. I was in the choir for stake conference and as we sang "creo in cristo"
(I Believe in Christ). Don’t know the English. But to have the spirit of the conference and to have the spirit of that song then to be standing there looking out at my members and investigators. The best of feelings. Little tears and a lot of love felt this week.

Tears of the frustration of only Spanish and its so hard. Tears from being so happy about understanding Spanish. Tears from so much love. And tears just because. You know? Luckily most of which were when I was in the shower so we are all good. Ha-ha-hah. So my companion doesn’t think I’m a baby.

Oh, one of these tear experience were from laughing. Ok, get this. So it’s my comps first morning here so I have the best idea to make her muffins and cute stuff. Only our stove is really ghetto and sketch. Super sketch. So I’m all fiddling and half asleep and next thing I know there is fire on my face! Literally! I singed my eyelashes, eyebrow and half of my hair and face. Painful?  Yes!   Ugly? Not to bad. Nothing a little mascara couldn’t fix for the eye (the hair- eeeh) but funny and in shock.  I just yell for her and my hair is all nasty and its falling out on the front and all burned and oh my it was so bad. But so funny. And now you cant even tell I fixed it up real nice.

Oh dad, I thought of you this week- a lot, because it is your birthday week. You old man. What a fart. But last night we were just doing our thing with C,Z and her dad- our old mission leader and the best and my favorite. Gold. But he was coming home so I run and hide behind the door and I scared him so good. It made me think of our all-scare wars. Miss you pops. A lot. Oh no, now I have little tears again this really had got to stop. ha-ha

Ok moving on. The dogs here are nasty, oh I hate them. So gross. But they keep it interesting. Right? So this one is trying to pretty much eat my leg, which happens a lot, so I’m just speaking kind Spanish to it while trying to kick it away when my knight in shinning armor came. And when we say my knight, we mean the drunk on the street. This was so funny, so he starts going loco como
(crazy because) he wants to save me and he’s waving around these beer bottle and todo (totally) is crazy. But were just giggling and he is going at it- except he is so drunk he cant see straight and at times is talking to the dog pero (but) its in the wrong direction and all this fun stuff. Love it.

But really this week was gold. I am excited to see how the rest of this transfer will be. Things are really good with Hna H. We work really well together. The language is a coming. Slow but it’s coming. And it keeps it fun. Who else gets to play charades with their companion all day! Woohooo.

Well family I better sign off. I love you. I will talk to you tomorrow (tears. naaaah)

keep on keeping on. Xoxo. Hna Pelota. (
Sister Ball)

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