Monday, May 5, 2014

Transfers and a "gem" of a scripture

I swear I just wrote you- because I did! This week has been crazy short. But first, we found out about transfers and sure thing I am staying here in Los Laurels. But get this- Heavenly Father loves me so much. My new companion literally is the person I wished and hoped and almost prayed I would get. But I didn’t pray I would get her because I just trusted what ever happened would be for my good- so when they told me little tears happened. He is so good. 
Hermana Rodríguezes-Oh I love her so much-she is in my zone right now- we went to the beach together on Monday- she is from El Salvador and soooo cute and the best little missionary.  She doesn’t know English- which I am really excited about! Best news ever. (Though I will really miss Hna J!) We have transfers on Wednesday so news to come! 
The last two transfers with Hna J have been so good. I loved having her as my trainer and we had a lot of fun and crazy experiences- but change is good! I will no longer be a trainee but an equal companion. 
Lets see here- this week we taught Roxanna, the mom of our convert and my favorite Jose. So last week we had the craziest lesson. Gold. We started the resurrection and it was so good. She got why there was an apostasy and the role of prophets. Then we started talking about praying to know if it was true and Jose gave the question for baptism- so cool to see him give it to his mom and testify of how truly happy he is now. Then this week we finished the resurrection and we were starting it and it was crazy- the kids running around the telephone and people coming in and out- which happens literally every time we go to teach about José Smith and Jesus and Heavenly Father appearing to him. I am completely positive its Satan trying to stop us or stop the spirit because every time we teach this part it truly is powerful- its crazy. 
But I’m like "Hna j this isn’t working" (imagine me whispering muttering this to her) then I'm like, "ok jump ship?"  And she’s like, "hhhhmmm."  And I’m like, "hmmmm" because we really wanted to do this in the right way.

So we started  and went for it.  And it just wasn’t working you know. There were so many interruptions. But we kept trucking and then I showed the picture of José Smith in the grove and started the first vision. 
Mom and dad, I wish you were here for this. I am so happy. Before I said it I just prayed for the spirit and it was magic. I started with the usual in his own words- "vi una collumna." (I saw a column).  And it got silent. The kids all stopped, everything was dead silent and I was looking at her and I was saying it and I just felt in that moment that what I was saying happened. That God truly appeared and answer the "pregunta de Jose y este fue verdad." (Joseph, this is true).
Then when I finished I bore a small testimony and then it got real loud again, real quick. It was crazy.  I love the spirit and the power of the resurrection. So much. So so much. 

This week I found this gem. 
(Ok mom right here copy and paste Doctrine and Covenants 84:80)
“And any man that shall go and preach this gospel of the kingdom, and fail not to continue faithful in all things, shall not be weary in mind, neither darkened, neither in body, limb nor joint; and a hair of his head shall not fall to the ground unnoticed.  And they shall not go hungry, neither athirst.”
So this doesn’t specifically mention:
-Backache from chopping wood
-Open sore in ma throat
-Scabbed, peeling, bruised knees from kneeling 
-An upset stomach and messed little bowel issues
-Wet, shriveled toes from the rain. 

However, this scripture gave me so much comfort this week. I know Heavenly Father knows what’s up, fleabites and all and he’s got my back. All I need is faith. 

Speaking of which my throat is a little better or at least it isn’t worst so I think the meds are kicking in. Woohoo! Yay for prayers!
Also, I am eating better so don’t worry bout me. 
And it’s getting cold so the pulgas (fleas) are running away- yayyaya- but they are running in to my bed. Ha-ha. But the colder it get the less well have so this is good. It’s still gross killing them. 
But what ever right? 

Oh this week we had Labor Day! Which meant we had a pichanga (music) party with José and Guisse because its the first time they didn’t work! Best lesson of the tastiest of Chile. 
Fun service of the week. We were walking and saw this menos activo- (less active) suuuuper older lady trying to cut this tree down. So I jump in there- oh so fun. I was doing the splits holding two rose bushes back- my tights are all cut up and blood dripping. Then I have this old saw and I am literally just cutting away at these trees. Soo crazy, but that’s what we love right? 
Oh, I have the best family. So this week we got shots and they hurt sooo bad. And I’m just hurting and then the Elders give me mail! Best. 2 from grandma ball and a package full of warm cozy things- scarf, gloves, hat and candy and hot cocoa. Then this week I got 2 letters from mom. Mom- you are killer. Looove the letter from you and Nate. So cute. Little tears cute. I miss that little punk. And you are the best mom ever. I love the Moab pin. 
This week we had daylight saving which is crazy because it gets dark about 6:30 pm. and we are out until 10. Which means it’s a little chilly. But luckily we are in houses a lot and teaching lots so that good! And I have 1000 scarfs and gloves and jackets and such so I am all cozy don’t stress. 
Well family, I got to run we have stake conference tonight and we want to go grab investigators and drag them through the rain to it. Ha-ha
I love you so much. I miss you so much. 
Keep trucking, keep praying and reading and praying more and serving and praying. 
Xoxox doubt not fear not... unless it’s a creep three legged dog trying to eat your leg because that when I have fear xoxoxo 
Hna Ball.

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