Monday, August 25, 2014

Happy President Monson's birthday week!

¨God our eternal father lives and loves us. He is indeed our Father, and He is personal and real. May we realize how close to us He is willing to come, how far He is willing to go to help us, and how much He loves us. ¨ -President Monson. 

Happy President Monson's birthday week! 

This week I kicked it. Oh, I am so happy with this week. It was a lot of work but it ROCKED. 

Ok, just a quick list of my favorite lessons. 

-Knocking doors before one of our appointments and it was the ever-classic ¨just one more door- what do you think? ¨ So we look at the whole apartment building I’m all- "that one." (Because there was a light and it was the only apartment with colored curtains.)  So we knock and give our spiel to the man- he explains how he has a friend who is Mormon.  And we ask if he would like to know more about what she believes and if there is a day we can pass by that is good for him? That’s when he’s all excited and invites us in right then. (This is Chile- this never happens) well we chat a bit, testify of the book of Mormon and have to scram for our other lesson. But finish with everyone in a kneeling prayer that was given so dear from him. 
dinner Chilean style

Then the other day we went back to visit and he and his wife are the best! I felt like we were just visiting members. Everything is golden- except they are super evangelical. But the doctrine is always the answer- I am so excited to teach them more! We ended our last lesson by singing "I believe in Christ" and the spirit was so strong- golden. I have high hopes for this dear, best, young little couple. 

Also remember A and H- from our English classes?  Well they are just coming along. And it's gold. I love watching this change in people. We taught about the priesthood and authority to them with one of the members. And it was so great!  The member was able to testify of the priesthood in her life- as her husband has it. And we were able to testify that if he knows this church is true and has this correct priesthood he will be able to receive the same priesthood, the very priesthood and authority of Jesus Christ. Super powerful. 

We also visited the poorest part of our sector- sometimes it is hard to visit this part. But we were knocking doors and only one door opened in the whole area. He is a 15 boy and we taught about José Smith and the first vision. We then committed him to praying, like José did, to know. I love lessons in the street or doorstep so much. They are always short and to the point but so interesting and really spiritual because we really don’t know these people, but we know what they need and it’s a joy!

We also got to work a little in the sunshine (that’s right! it really isn’t much- and I still sleep in all my winter clothes (the same I used when we went skiing ha-ha)- but its sunshine. We did a little service with the owner of our house and fixed our garden up- it was a mess and all weedy and such. And now we´ve got the rose bushes planted- because you know ¨mama loves the roses. She growed them in her little Chilean yard¨ (An Elvis song for those who have no idea what she is talking about)

But we taught about how faith is like a seed and how we need good terrain- she probably thought we were super spiritual and all but we pretty much just explained all of Alma 32. Ha-ha. It was a morning of sun, and jeans (for the 2nd time in months and months!)

We had intercambios (splits with other missionaries) with the Hermana Lideres and Hna Nielsen, and it was rocking. I love them. We really got along great and kicked it. We had 3 miracles this day. The first was a contact we stopped in the street. We gave him a pass along card with the question  ¨how can I know if God has a plan for me? ¨And I asked him if he has ever questioned this and he explained how he heard this exact question the other day and has been wondering about it ever since. How he is studying in the university and working and wants to know what God has in store for him. (whaaaaaat?) 

Then C and A. We have been trying to meet with them for whatever amount of time and we passed by and had the craziest lesson. This what the first time I meet A (the boyfriend) and the first time I talked to C for more than 4 minutes in the street. We taught the whole restoration and then explained about families and marriage.  They are hesitant to marry because they are nervous- but I explained how this is the first step to show God you are serious about the relationship working- it's a promise to each other and a promise to God. Then how baptism is the second step- how it's the same and promise and how this more than anything will strengthen their relationship. (Ha-ha look at me giving grown up relationship advice.) But really.  They have a baptismal date at the end of September to work towards and have promised to start praying together!

Then we ended the day with F and H. It was H's birthday and we taught about the plan of salvation and a focus on eternal marriage. They bought rings for the wedding! (Woohoo its getting serious!) And it was so darling. The lesson, them, and just the spirit of love and excitement. Truly I believe the best present we could have given her- the promise of eternal families! Woohoo. 
our mamita
Then on Sunday we had 8 people who promised to come to church with us- but the first 2 hours of classes passed and no one had shown up. I was so frustrated and just holding back tears because I had so much hope and faith and worked so hard with them. We started the first hymn in sacrament and C and A and their sons walked in and I seriously can’t explain how giddy I was. Oh the best- then a little later A and H came in and they were so cute and so excited and nervous. 

After the reunion the whole branch went over and welcomed them- took them on tours and invited them to more activities or their houses. It was crazy to see the excitement of this branch to have so many new people in the church! 

Also this week we went to a Catholic funeral. It was interesting and so pretty. I especially love the little cathedral and the music. It was interesting to hear their take on the plan of salvation and we definitely stood out! But it was so nice and I love the plan of salvation. 

Let's see here- little gems of the week. 
My companion from my branch
Yesterday we went on splits with Hermana’s from the branch- I got the funniest of looks walking down the street with my little companion :) 

Also, can I just tell you how much I love my mamita? She is a hoot- mom and dad your going to love her. 

Also, everyday we walk by the prison to get to the other part of our sector- have I mentioned how much I love this area. Rio Bueno is super random and super the best. 

Also, I attached photos from the intercambio when we went down to the houses in the ¨jungle¨ but not really.  I just can’t remember the word for "by the river." This was funny, on family set their dog on us- but there is only one trail to hike back up to the street so I found a new use for my umbrella. Perfect for fighting off pups. :)

Well family. This is it. I love you muchly. Pray for you always and think about how much I'd love for you all to be on this crazy adventure with me. I love being a missionary and I sure love you! 

xoxox oxoxo

Hermana Ball

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