Monday, August 4, 2014

Wishing I had packed my kayak....

“It takes courage to live, courage and strength and hope and humor.”

However, I think this perfectly explains the mission. How it takes courage to serve a mission, courage and strength and hope and humor. And if you’re missing one of these it just doesn’t quite work out. 

I've found so much courage in the plan of salvation.
 This is one of my all time very favorite and most spiritual lessons to share, cry with and testify of. To be able to explain to people how the end of this life is not the end. How God loves their family and has a plan specifically for them- gold. One of these golden lessons was with an inactive. She recently lost her husband and son and explained the pain, but the faith she has felt in this experience. I was again, because of my experience with Gordon, able to explain feelings I'd had, and how this gospel helped me in this time of darkness. How it takes courage to face death, courage to: hope for a better world: and courage to continue on. And not only continue, but continue in faith. 

I was strengthened in prayer. 
Last week I explained how I lost all my photos.  Well, I prayed and prayed and had the computer people try to help, but nothing. And honestly I was so frustrated and knew they were only photos, but how I probably wouldn’t ever see these people again- and how I knew they were only pictures- for this Heavenly Father could help. So I went to my room alone and just prayed that he would help me recover these memories and when I went back to check I had a couple of my most dear families. For me- this was more than just a miracle but I was strengthened in my knowledge that Heavenly Father truly loves me and is ready to help if I just ask. 

I am so filled with hope. 
This week we have dedicated our time to finding new investigators. The work here is hard- people are content with the lives and faith they have. But this week we had one investigator in church, a different investigator in an activity and we have two new that are gold. A daughter and mother and I loooove the daughter. She is 18 years old, a gem and is so receptivo (receptive)- I’m going to go ahead and say it- "this girl is going to be such a happy Mormon!" I have so much hope for this sector! 
Hna L's Birthday
My days are truly filled with joy. Spiritually and just laughably (ha-ha you may not think that’s a word but really its true.) It was Hna L's birthday this week and we had a rocking birthday party. When we were walking back and its dark and we are just chatting and all when all of a sudden Hna L is screaming, which means I am just screaming my head off.  And I look and she’s on the ground. It turns out a drunk on a bicycle hit her a little bit. (Hahahah- no not funny this is my dear companion.... :) ) But really. 
Hna L's birthday party
But this is the best part she stands up grunting a little and brushing off the dirt and starts to contact the crazy man! I loooved it. If this had been me I would have been cursing him out (not). But she just explains, "hi we are missionaries of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints and we have a message about jesucristo." and I am seriously loosing it- I have my face hidden behind my planner because I am crying and I am laughing so hard. Seriously, I think this was one of the funniest experience of my mission- and the guy is so confused and we are so confused and the first thing he says- "it was your fault." Which just makes me lose it even more. Luckily, all is well and Hna L isn’t hurt, but even just thinking about it I’m cracking up. 

So yes, it takes courage to serve a mission. 
Hna's at the bus station for transfers
This week was crazy. First we were up in Wednesday at 5am to run 40 minutes- literally run- with my entire luggage to the bus station. Where I got a different Hna for the day. It was crazy. But my favorite part of the morning was, I was in the bus station for hours and I was studying my scriptures to the side while my new Hna talked with the elders when a man came and sat by me.  He is an atheist scientist and had such great questions focusing on how I can believe in something I cant see. It was one of those "missionary" experiences where I had my scriptures and read with him in Alma.  At first I was so nervous “because he was a very educated man."  But then I remembered truth, is truth. He explained how liberated he is because he is not constricted by a religion. But I was able to just bare testimony and share from the scriptures the truth of liberation.

Afterword’s I was in another bus station in Osorno where I ran in to Cris! She somehow heard I was going to be passing through and had been waiting for a couple hours! So great to see a cute little Osorno face. 

Afterwards, I meet up with Hna L and we bused off to Rio Bueno. Can I just say that I looooove Hna L and I looooove Rio Bueno. 

Little facts about Rio Bueno:
The name Good River is for the river here- but I personally think it is for the streets- literally every street is a little raging river because we have rain like none other! And not just rain but that crazy Highland type wind. Its so fun- ha-ha. 
We just tromp around in rivers all day in full on rain gear- with rain boots; rain skirts (yeah real pretty) rain coats, under rain jackets, hats, scarfs, gloves and umbrellas. It’s seriously so fun. (This sounds sarcastic but I am dead seriously.) The not fun part, I found mold in my rain boots- but bought a real nice new pair (number 3 in 7 months) 

Also can we just talk about 7 months in my mission? What?! 

Also, I love Rio Bueno because it is beautiful, 100 little rivers, lots of land and green and mud and open space. It’s a little pueblocito (small village) and darling. 

My sector is huge because the houses are a bit spread out.  Sometimes we have to take a little bus from one part to the other.  And we have “el campo” (farming village) in our sector, which is just like Peterson Utah! Houses really spread out with a lot of land. I haven’t got to visit this part much but am so excited. Just chilling with the sheep and cows and happy, happy tranquilo (quiet) Chileans. 

I don’t have a ward, but the best branch in all of Chile. They are geeeems. I am also the first new sister missionary here in 6 months. It's a small place so I am famous. :) But the elders explained how I would probably be stationed here for about 4-6 months. So to get to work because I will have the time for all the follow up! woohhoooo! 

Also, so funny, we are planning for a ward talent show.  They want me to sing with Hermana L and one of the recent members (who both have the voices of angels...) hah they call us Mariah Cary, Christina Aguilera (Hna L is really blonde) and I am Celine Dion! Wooohoo!  

Also, it's me, Hna L and 2 elders from the states. (All 4 of us are from byu-, which is funny. And when we tell people this they are always like "oh so you knew each other before".  To which we try to explain how big byu is...)

Also, I live in the "Barbie" house: which is a darling little cabin thing- with slotted ceiling and its really tiny and two stories and cold and I feel like I am camping everyday- I love it. 

I love it here. The other day in my study I happened across this gem. Mormon 9:21 (Behold, I say unto you that whoso believeth in Christ, doubting nothing, whatsoever he shall ask the Father in the name of Christ it shall be granted him; and this promise is unto all, even unto the ends of the earth.) This promise- believe in Christo and doubt nothing and pray and ask for help- then receive! is for all- Even me here at the very end of the world! :)

And how true it is! We have such a loving Heavenly Father!

Sending good vibes your way. 

xoxo please send my kayak haha xoxo 

Hna Ball

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