Monday, July 28, 2014

Octopus for dinner? Just living the dream...

“It is one thing to know that Jesucristo came to earth to die for us. But we also need to appreciate that the Lord desires, through His Atonement and by the power of the Holy Ghost, to ENLIVEN us- not only to guide but also to strengthen and heal us. ¨-Elder Bednar. 

This month was a month of miracles. With only the street and a lot of prayer I went from knocking doors and trying to talk to anyone with out a single lesson in days to now having 4 people we are helping to prepare towards the goal of baptism, 4-5 lessons a day and so many investigators! I have loved the true challenge of opening this sector because I have learned the power of His Atonement- To enliven my life, to guide, to strengthen and to heal. To guide me where to go, to strengthen my testimony and to heal the hearts of those I have met. 

However, last night I received the call and I am needed in a new sector! Rio Bueno in La Union! This was recently opened this last cambio! (Transfers) I am so excited to help get this sector going. I am so sad to leave Valdivia- we are finally seeing the miracles of the hard work- but I am so satisfied with my work here and am excited to jump into Rio Bueno and see what it has in store for these next weeks. 

Ok, last week the computer shut down, and today I was trying o upload the photos and I believe they downloaded a virus- I lost everything!  I only have one and photos from today- right now they are trying to fix it... however it is so frustrating because it is all the photos of all my investigators and members. So frustrating. 

Especially because this ward is very dear- all were so excited to have sister missionaries and so open and loving and welcoming. They want to have a ward prayer that I will not have to leave. :) And when I gave my final testimony I started then looked back and saw one of the less actives I have been working with so much, sitting there crying and I just felt so much love. The love Heavenly Father has from these people. Right now people are looking at my like I´m crazy as I’m sitting here crying into the keyboard. But its true- it is so wonderful to be a missionary because Heavenly Father truly gives me a little taste of the dear, pure love he has. But with this blessing it is hard, because saying goodbye to these people who I share everything with, my deepest dearest feelings about life, about death, about families and our Brother. About how God speaks. Then to just leave. It’s an actual pain. But the best.

A couple stories about the people I love so dear. 

First, we happened upon a less active that works all day in a little store alone, and lives alone. The other night it was just about time for curfew but I felt we needed to stop just for a minute. We came to the door and it was closed with a metal gate- she unlocked it and let us in explaining how she has to get this locked at night at open it up for every customer because it's unsafe to be here alone. How sometimes she gets scared. We shared Isaiah 41:10 (Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea I will help thee; I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.) 
Then I went over to the gate to explain the scripture. How outside is dark, obscure and dangerous, but how the gate is the protection. How the gate is always there but in order for it to function we need the lock- How in our lives the world is dark and the gate is His strength and His love- because in our lives His love is always there but in order for it to ¨function¨ in our lives we need the ¨lock¨ and the lock for us are all the little things, scripture study, prayer, assist church, etc. How every time she is scared at night she just needs to look at the gate and remember she isn’t alone, how she’s need not fear because His spirit is always with her. How He will strengthen her. 

This week we also found a new family who is gold. We first found our main investigator, then we found his mom in their store, then another day we happened upon his brother and the next day we were knocking doors and met his sister. We have now taught the whole family individually and part collectively. In our first lesson with "A" we taught the plan of salvation and the spirit was so strong and he felt it. We questioned him for baptism and he has a date for this coming month! (I wont be here :( however that’s not important.) 

Then this week we were in a lesson with a less active that has just recently left the church and she was asking such hard, but such good questions. And both me and Hermana R kind of froze for a minute and just looked at each other with that "ok, your turn¨ look.  Then I remember a quote grandma ball sent me. It was about a man who didn't know the answer so he just bore testimony of what he knew. So that’s what I did. I simply explained how I don’t know, But what I do know is... just explaining the undeniable truths of this gospel. The whole time I was testifying her eyes where locked on mine and when I finished she looked down and after a minute looked back up with tears and just explained ok, I understand. 

I am so grateful for this experience because she knows the truth; she is just a little lost right now and searching for the exact correct answer to everything. But the truth is we don’t have the answer to everything- sometimes we just have faith. 

This week was so spiritual. But also so, so fun. 

Last p-day we had a p.j. party and brought all the mattresses into the main room with all the Hna in our zone. We ordered pizza, made brownies and ate ice cream while looking at everyone pictures from home and watching "the other side of heaven" (in English!) It was like college but so much more fun. We all just sat and giggled (and yes mom from last week you are right. It is my kind of thing.)

Or, this week the amount of times we heard the phrase ¨So I was watching History channel and its says you (or in the members case, we) believe...." and oh my, it was outright hilarious. No- the History Channel is not a reliable source. Literally, one of our new converts saw that Heavenly Father appearing to Jose Smith were not people, but aliens. And she was worried it was true. Hah poor thing.

Or, the man in the street experience this week was an 88-year-old man who came charging over to us and explained how there are bad men in these parts. And how we truly just need to kill them. To which we replied "noooo!" ... then as he was walking away muttering ¨I love Mormons¨

Also, I found out this week I am allergic to pulgas.(Fleas) ha-ha!  I think Chile is trying to kill me! But we got some good medicine and my whole body is only covered in fingernail sized itchy bites. Living the dream.

I am worried for this next cambio (transfers) with the food situation because me and Hna R have a deal. She helps me eat the pasta, potatoes and all the bread (ha-ha its so funny when the members don’t look we do the switch) and I eat all the gross boiled meat. I really am not sure if my side of the deal is the best, but its helps with the allergies. However, this week was rough- a mountain of rice and full on octopuses just sitting there. Not quite cooked and the whole body and all this, oh so bad. I ate mine and hers- the taste was bad! But luckily I don’t get stomachaches! Again, living the dream. 

Oh, I had Hna R go and distract one member yesterday and I ran to the bathroom to flush this drink that was terrible- hah it was so close! They returned and I am standing there with our mugs (emptied). We sat for the next 5 minutes trying not to laugh as we pretend to sip and enjoy this delicacy of a drink. 

Lastly and the coolest! I have started dreaming on and off in Spanish the last 3 weeks. It's the best feeling and so cool. It’s still a little frustrating even in my dreams, but sooo cool. 

Well family I love you! Can´t wait for all the crazy new experiences this week! I bus off Wednesday morning! (So send lots of good vibes!)

xoxo enliven, guide, strengthen and heal xoxo

Hna Ball 

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