Monday, July 21, 2014

Power outages, Rock Stars, and peanut butter

So, I wrote the whole letter and the computer crashed and I lost it all. I don´t have much time to write more and I am so frustrated!  But the ironic thing was my letter started with this quote, ¨Yet in spite of discouragement and adversity, those who seem to have a way of learning from difficult times become stronger, wiser, and happier as a result.¨
Ha-ha, so right now I am really going to try and not curse this computer and laugh it off and try to learn from it. :) 

However here is a real quick rundown off the week. 

Lots of difficulties and discouragements this week. But three specific discouragements where I became stronger, wiser and happier. 

Stronger- this week we lost all the light in our house- we live in a little cabana behind an inactive member and when we entered she was so scared because it was dark, it was just her and the kids and it was late at night. We sang a hymn, and explained how in our life we have times of obscurity and darkness. But how He is our light. 

The rest of the night, the morning and on and off this week we didnt have light (because the wires were so cold) but as we studied, read our scriptures, cooked and showered in darkness it was a constant reminder of this lesson, that He is our light. 

Wiser- the last month we have done a million street contacts and this week I took to the streets with a new thought. I acted and treated every contact like we have been dear and best of friends for years. I laughed and smiled and testified as I would with you. And when I contact with a purpose and with a love, all are happier, and more receptive. I´m a little wiser than last week as I´ve looked at every person, as a person, a friend, a brother and a son or daughter of God. 

Happier- One day of rain, no houses and no people. Rain and rain and lots of wet dogs. We were searching for one apartment for 45 minutes and I was wet, cold, it was dark and I was done. So we went to give up when my darling companion explained the ever common and dear words ¨just one more time.¨ So we offered a little prayer to be led to the person He had prepared for- right there under our umbrellas in the street with the dogs and headed off. And no... We didn't find the apartment. But we did find another man who had the perfect questions about life, eternal families and baptism. Needless to say we were more than a little happy to find one person who would not only listen to us, but also listen to questions. This was joy. But the golden part was this man is the Chilean Will Smith. Yes. He has the same swagger as Will and is hilarious. What a joy. What a gem.

I love the quote from Elder Worthlin- if I remember correctly he explains, "In spite of the rough, in spite of the discouragement, in spite of (the rain, crashed computers, not having people interested, slammed doors, fleas and dogs and broken Spanish.) In spite of this- those who are happy are those who learn.” 

In this month’s and this week’s adventures, I´m stronger, a little wiser and so so happy. 

The church is true. God lives. And he speaks. 

I love you. 
xoxo Hermana Ball

We made some peanut butter cookies from Gma Simpkins and they were golden. These crazy Chileans are crazy for peanut butter. And my companion really didnt know the joys of pb before living with me. I’m proud to explain she’s a pb-oholic and were living the ‘Mercian dream. 

Hna P- the rock star. This week we found out she has cancer and she is facing it with style, with faith and with a lot of laughs and strength. She is a new convert to the church and I am so grateful to be here with her during this crazy time. What a gem. 

We had a ward activity ¨Fiesta de los gringos¨ where, we 3 gringos in the ward, taught all the finer points of the game “signs” and pancakes with peanut butter (again, they go crazy for this gem), nutella, fruit, whip cream and syrup. So fun! (And we had 2 of our investigators assist the activity! wooohoo.)

Also, I taught everyone the whip cream game where it’s in our hand and you smack your arm and it goes flying and you got to catch it in your mouth. Oh, these grown men. The joy. The joy. 

We left yesterday with one of the girls from the ward- such a gem, with such a strong testimony. Also strong feet- hah! First time leaving with the missionaries and she left in high heels, in the rain and mud for miles and miles and miiiiles. Ha-ha. Love.

Also this week I got a package from mom, love the scarf and pin from Ireland. And 2 letters from grandma ball. And the beeeest surprise package from Evelyn with gems from Peru! Defiantly felt the love!
So much love. xoxoxo 

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