Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Viva Valdivia!

Hola from Valdivia- my new sector! 

This week was crazy! First Mondays are my next p-day for the rest of my mission so every Sunday I expect a real nice loooong letter.

However, the story. 
So transfers were 2 weeks ago- but Tuesday night we got a call from the AP's (Assistants to the President) explaining we had one day to pack up and say goodbye because they needed us to open a new sector, here in Valdivia. Wooohoo! It is so cool. But it has been a crazy week.

It was rough to say my goodbyes- I sure love the familia Zapata, Roxana and José and Guissa. Really- truly, truly love them. Then it was hard because we have one investigator who is getting baptized this month and one we have been working for the next month- it's sad to not be there for the baptisms and to see the progress. 
But, tis the work. 

Then we also said goodbye to my mission president- Pres. Rappleye- who finished his mission this week- and then we packed off to the new sector. (Where it rains even more than my old sector). But this is such a crazy opportunity, because this rarely happens and usually if it happens, it’s for the Hermana’s who have more time in the mission field. 

But this sector is awesome- it's more of a city and a little bit crazy compared to Francke (where I have been). Where I am in the not so rich part. The Elders have the very nice and rich area. It's crazy one-minute we were in one house with out walls- only plywood. Cement floors, no fire, no food, and no windows. Then the next morning we were having lunch with a family who has a maid and a beautiful house. Also, its a bit sketchy at parts- no stress. The bishop and his wife helped us know where not go at night and our house is in a good part and we have a little gate, 3 doors, 3 locks and two dogs. So I think were good. 

It is so amazing to see Heavenly Father's hand in my life so specifically and plainly. I know I am here for a very specific purpose for a couple reasons. First, to have surprise cambios(transfers) 1 week into cambios, to open a new sector, and we had a little bit of an ugly experience with a man. I am ok, it was just very ugly. I was able to receive a blessing from my bishop and it explains very real and sacred blessing and promises for me in this sector.  

He also explained how the adversary is trying to stop me before I can work this sector- but like you said last week momma. I’m not going to let him win. :)

But it is crazy here. We literally have started with nothing. No lists of people, no addresses, we've just talked with ever person in the street (the first morning we have 30 contacts...) and knock all the doors. Its hard, but I love it. 

We also had our first ward activity and yesterday was our first Sunday in the ward. The women here are thriiiiled to have us. I love it- they explained how we are pioneers :) It's so cute. Oh, I love it. 
Oh update on the mail- two new things. 1. Yay I got mail this week. 2 packagesd.  1 from grandma ball and one from grandma simp. Woohoo for the best grandma's ever with the tastiest American gems- especially love the nutella and Swedish fish- living the American dream. Then 3 letters from gma ball.  

The second notice with mail- is there can be no more packages. It’s hard to get them to this sector so from here on out no more. (Booooooo.) But I will explain when we are good for new ones. xoxox also this just means lots and lots of love letters in the mail. ayyaya. 

My mind is so crazy right now. Man I can't even think, a mixture of 100,000 things happening this week and I’m all wet from the rain. 

Oh, but update on the mouth- I was shipped off to the specialist and I think all is well.  I am on 2 medicines and I have a lot less pain and the swelling is down and I am sleeping better. Woohoo. 

Oh futbol- how could I forget. First Chile vs. Hollandia with Hermana Ceron. Oh it was like watching a BYU game with Liza, Lesa Carter’s mom. Crazy. She was just screaming at the TV and pacing and decked out in all red and so darling. It was way crazier watching it with her than a whole house full of Chileans. 

Then Chile and brazil- what a crazy game. Please tell me you watched it. We watched the first part in the church (wooohoo) then we watched the other part in the house of a member because we had lunch and after the street were a little crazy and dangerous for us to be out. Ouch about Chile- now I can’t watch anymore but it’s was so much fun, such a little gem. 
A little gem Hna C made me.  It's Vargas (Chilean futbol player) as a missionary
Oh, so all the other sectors are used to sister missionaries but this is  a new sector so it’s a little bit too much for some of the men. Ha-ha, yesterday I was almost proposed to. No joke. He was 50 and not drunk (what?) but dead serious, but right as he was about to pop the question (he had already asked all the other, what are the religions rules about marriage, are we nuns, what one needs to do to marry a Mormon,  if I was married, how he is solo- has land and is lonely- etc.) but then my Hermana changed the subject.... auuucha. Ha-ah so close. I know if I can’t find someone at BYU I just have to walk the streets here and I have my pick. hahaha. 

Ok let me explain some of the photos- more to come next week of Valdivia but here are the rest of Francke. 

Found this gem graffiti for Jeremy. The whale. No say?- but reminds me of my favorite little man. 

Then saying goodbye to our beautiful house in Francke. It was real.

When we were saying goodbye to president Rappleye I got to sit with Hermana Spencer and catch up. (mom she got your postcard and loves it. You are the best). It was so good to catch up- I love this Hermana so much. We’ve got the plans for you all to meet for after the mission. 
Hna Spencer, my comp at the CCM

Then a couple of a sneak peak of Valdivia:

The streets are tiny and i love them. Also the graffiti here. Golden. 

xoxxo familia. I love you so much. Keep on keeping on. 

xoxo was almost bit my another dog, but the good thing is rain boots are real thick xxoxo

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