Monday, September 22, 2014

The best birthday ever!

This week was the best birthday week I have ever had in all my 20 years. (What? 20. Mom and dad do you feel so old?) 

But really, let me just throw the best news down....A and H are going to be baptized this Saturday! I am going crazy- so many prayers and prayers and prayers and then yesterday they had their baptismal interview and it was the best birthday gift I could have gotten! 

Also, just let me try and explain this week. It was so spiritual but also so fun- it is Chile's independent day and it was a weeklong event. The 18th and 19th we had rules were we couldn’t even just be in the street unless we had appointments. 

So this week we had a cooking class with the elders, the familia Stott and Julio (our coolest bff who is the ward mission leader.) we have been doing these pretty much ever-single week. This time we had a pichanga (the huge fries. Best) We made chilies, lemon pie and apple crisp. Soo delicious. 

Then, we also had a special mission conference. It was with Elder Viñas- a general authority. It was rocking- we got to be in a special musical number that was so pretty then we got to sit on the front row just a couple feet away. Which was sweet because I was able to focus better (aka not fall asleep or zone out the Spanish for hours. Ha-ha) and I learned so many things- this conference got me so pumped that when we got home we immediately had a lesson with A and H, and it was powerful.

But the conference was also sweet because I got to see all three of my comps that are in the mission, Hna L, Hna R and Hna S. So fun! Afterwards, celebrated our time in Osorno with hamburgers! (aye-aye 'Merica.)

Then the 18th was crazy fun. We had a huuuge feast and b-b-q thing with Hna E. It was delicious- they just feed us and feeeeed us. To walk off the food before heading over to the next house where we knew there would be even more food, we walked through the old cemetery. Very cool.  Very, very Catholic. 

Then we headed over to A and H house and chilled for a bit, helped bake traditional Chilean cookies and such. Then we had a little party with K and A. 

Then the next morning we went to pray and I almost kneeled on this huuuge bee. Oh boy momma, you'd really love our house. But I'll take it because we are having more sun right now and its dreamy!

Then the 19th we had another little cooking activity with the elders, stotts and Julio. We made 3 pizzas and ate like kings. Seriously Chileans know how to do it. Then that night we had a kiiiiiiler ward activity. I was having so much fun I only took one tiny picture at the very beginning of the activity before everyone really even showed up. We had a crazy turn out, tooons of investigators and it was so good. 

We played a lot of little Chilean games, we had yummy food (surprise- more food), we danced (and got permission to learn the Chilean national dance. So fun) and one of my favorite activities was a huge jump rope game where we dance while jump roping. So, so fun. All in all, a crazy fun night and the best part is our investigators are really feeling comfortable with the branch! 

Then we had a FHE (family home evening) with K and A and another family where we played Ping-Pong and had a killer spiritual message and all. They are coming along- still so much work to go but I have faith.

Then we had so many miracles this week with A and H, honestly I don’t even have time to write all the little spiritual things from this week- just know it was real. Oh boy, so good. 

Then yesterday a family made a big birthday lunch for me with a cute little cake and all the best little things. And oh boy, can I just tell you the love I have felt! So many notes and cards and little treat boxes and mom and grandma's you are the best! And all the picture postcards. Love. So much love. 

Yesterday morn Hna P made me a breakfast and we opened presents and then that night Julio and my investigators in our gospel principles class put on a little birthday party for me. Sooo much love to be had. All with treats, little gifts, hugs and love, love looove. 

It was definitely a birthday for the books. Full of so much love. 

I LOVE being a missionary. I can't believe at the end of this month I finish half of my mission. I had a dream the other night about home and half of my mission and just woke up crying- so we aren’t going to talk about that any more. But truly- I looove, love, love being a missionary. It is so happy and such true joy and soooo fun and so full of rewards. 

Next weeks will be with photos of A's and H's happy little baptized faces! 

So much love. 
Xoxo 20-year old grandma Hna Ball

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