Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Hiking to Argentina!

What a WONDERFUL week!

A and H. oh my little gems.-Baptism was a beaut. So pretty, so much support, so spiritual and so fun! That’s what we like right?! It is so crazy how prepared they were! Love these kids. Then get this, the week before the baptism we started temple prep and the day after the baptism we got them all into family search- they are looking for names and so excited to go to the temple in NOVEMBER! 

We are all working on our "mi familia" booklets- mom please help me cheat, ha-ha-, send photos in a word document. Some of the generation up to gma and gpas grandparents (if we have them) and little stories or things about them that I can just download and print off.

Also, get this conference- so good. Oh boy. But you know what is better- conference with H at all 5 sessions! (Only like 4 member families were there for all the sessions) but he’s just chilling taking100 notes and literally glowing from more and more excitement after each session! This kid- Heavenly Father has big plans for him.

Also, sorry about not writing last week we went to the Argentina air. (Really we were 10 minutes from the boarder!) Park Puyehue. We went on a crazy road trip (literally was all day) and went to the middle part of the mountain that was so green for hiking then we went up to the very top (which looks like Utah ha-ha) and went tarp sledding (a first for them) snowman building, and just giggling so much because it was the most snow they had ever seen.

We went with our branch presidente family- who literally is my family here. We do it all- breakfast on conference Sunday, lunches or little treats and laugh and laugh and noche de hogares y todo (Family Home Evening). I love them.

Also, definitely hit 9 months in the mission!

 Here’s a quick two of my favorite lessons this week-


1. knocking a door and sharing about the restoration right there. Then returning and she wasn’t home for our next appointment. So we walked away a bit sad and found her in the street. - We talked about her mom who had just passed away and the plan of salvation, then sang families can be together forever- obviously made her cry (woohooo!) ((Honestly it was probably my terrible singing ahah) then have planned to return!

2. We have a daughter and mom, C and M, who are the best. So prepared- they had met with missionaries before and asked if we could give them scriptures to read and then check up with them because a long time ago sisters did that and they loved it. Oh yeah, I guess that wed be down with that.

Then they went and got their books of Mormon, hymnbooks and the history of José smith books their Mormon uncle gave them. Soooo prepared.

So, we jumped right on that and just straight up asked her to be baptized- if she prepared a little more and all you know.- buuut she went to say yes and was so excited but her mom cut in and said she needs to finished university first- which is another year and a half. Please, please pray for her mama to have a little softened heart.

Ok, K and A update-  Oh boy I love them.

Oh, also random fact- burned yet another chunk out of my hair- ha-ha so if I come home all singed just got with it.

Funny miracle- God's hand is in the work so much- and sometimes it's him just throwing a swarm of bugs at us. We are just walking in the spring air (love) and all of a sudden we are literally choking down bugs, oh my eyes and nose and every where. So we start running off, heads down and it just keeps a coming. So we make a big detour to a different street and we run into an investigator I taught my first week here in Rio Bueno and whom I have been trying to find for like 9 weeks! Thank you bugs!

Ok and a quick little conference nugget time. Love- and we got to watch it in English so it was a good ole gringo fest.

I saw you guy in two of the stories.
1. M Russell Ballard- I could literally see us just a giggling and a hollering river rafting and I loved it. Such good Ball Family talk. Looove.

2. This one was dad- it actually made me bust up just a bit. It was when Richard G Scott istalking about family home evening and I heard dad all of junior high say to me. ¨we´re with the family, in the home and its evening.¨ ha-ha thank you pops for the ever-best words, always and always.

Then can we just talk about Bednar- and I know I am bias because I am a missionary. But really. What a gem. And every time they mentioned or prayed about the missionaries I got a big ole smile and many times a couple tears. I LOVE being a missionary. I love it. And i just always hearing about ¨the missionaries" like they were little celebrities and now I’m the one living the dream.

¨Step back, breathe, and trust in God. ¨-Elder oaks.
Xoxo Hna ball

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