Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I´ve got bronchitis-ain't nobody got time for that

¨Fill your mind with truth; Fill your life with service; Fill your heart with love. ¨ -President Monson
Mind with truth:
This week we studied and taught a bunch on family history. We had one lesson in particular that I loved. It was with L and her husband A. We have been teaching them quite a bit, they are both very evangelical- and he is actually a bible professor at a high school. When we started teaching them I was so scared because he really, really knows and loves the bible. But as I started teaching I just remembered that truth is truth. And I just need to stick to the truth and we´ll be good. Which is what we have done- and it's been amazing. This week we taught them these things about family history and showed them different scriptures in the book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants. Family history is the best and a really wonderful truth our church has! The spirit was so strong and oh boy, I love family history. 

Life with service:
As a missionary- I really am living a service dream. We go all afternoon and night just trying to teach and give what we love and know is so true. However, as sisters in skirts usually people don´t allow us to do the hands on fun service- so we have gotten a little creative on how to serve the people. One of this weeks’ little service acts was my favorite- we doorbell ditched sticky notes with drawings or pictures or quotes that applied to a scripture to keep our families in the book of Mormon. It was so simple but so fun- then when we entered the house they were always on the fridge or wall and they´ve kept the collection. Yeah for filling all the days with little service! 

Heart with love: 
This week for English class we switched it up a bit. We did the main two things we love. Testified of the Restoration and ate! We watched the video of the Restoration (with English subtitles) and ate completos. (Chilean hotdogs) Then we had a quiz about all the food names in English. So much fun and actually a solid activity because it was with our 2 converts and 4 investigators. I love missionary work! 

You know what else I love- these sick diseased sheep everywhere. :) Yay for el campo. 

Oh, this week we also had interviews with our mission president,  President Obesso. We got to the church and it was all locked up then got a call from the zone leaders explaining they were running a little late- but if we´d like to join them and president for lunch! Duuuuh. So we went and had the yuuuuumiest food with just president and his wife and my pals the zone leaders. It was so fun and so nice to get to sit and just chat and get to know president! Then we had the actual interviews and they were rocking! Oh, how I love president and the joy he has for my personal success! 

So as you can see this week was pretty good. However, here’s the bummer part- this was all the first part of the week. 

This weekend I came down pretty hard with bronchitis. It’s been terrible. I had 4 days without sleeping at all but we were still just doing work like normal- but then I got a hacking cough, pretty bad- so they Shipped me to the city and had the mission nurse look at me- she got me meds and put me on ¨house arrest¨ and it has been the worst. I hate it. I am going crazy- but so sick that there is nothing to do. She then came to visit yesterday- and I am now on meds and doing much better. 

But just pleeease pray for me. I got to get out and work. 

But don´t stress too much about the health- especially grandmas ha-ha. I really am on the up side of it all. 

Well family. I love you like crazy. I have loved this week because we have had some crazy experiences and then 3 days to study all of preach my gospel, and work on the 12-week program. I am excited to get back to work this week and put all the studying to use! 

Also the other photos; 
Playing jenga to keep up sane. I love Hna p. We are really, really getting along crazy good. She isn’t just a companion but a real, true friend. We have the spirit and the giggles todos los dias. (all the day) 

Then these random kids saw us walking down the street and asked if they could take a picture with us! Ha-ha it’s actually funny how much this happens! 

I know this church is true. I love the book of Mormon so much. I am so happy to have this loving, guiding book. I looove testifying of it and I love, love, love being a missionary. 

xoxox I´ve got bronchitis-ain't nobody got time for that xoxo 
 Hna Ball

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