Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Jumping fences and giant empanadas

¨Ours is not a feeble message. It is the work of the Almighty God, and it is to change the world. ¨ - Elder Holland

How true it is! I love this message and the Book of Mormon and have seen how it truly has changed lives. 

The lives of my investigators, the members, our inactives and my darling converts. But mostly I have seen how it has changed mine. 

People always say that they are grateful for their challenges and trials (boo. ha-ha lies.) Those 2 weeks were hard, really, really hard. But this week I was able to understand, and be grateful for especially one part of this hard experience. 

This work has changed my life. Last week when I was sick I kind of went into a dark place. I was just hurting and felt so alone. I was frustrated with myself and I couldn´t figure stuff out. 
We found the dreamiest place-
empanadas the size of my face. 

But then this week- I came back. And I figured out why, its because I went from 9 months of straight studying the scriptures, from being on my knees praying about them and for this work, then leaving and testifying of this restored, true gospel and the Book of Mormon- to a couple days on and off of reading and studying- without testifying. To just being in bed unable to leave. 

I didn´t realize the effect of leaving these great habits until I started them back up again. Then I felt love, felt peace and felt guidance again. 

Before being sick I didn´t think I've really changed in the mission. I knew I had in different little ways. 

But after this experience I was given a little glimpse- really a hard week and a half to now understand how much the mission- the constant, real studying of the Book of Mormon and testifying of Christ has changed me. 

And I know why! ¨Ours is not a feeble message. It is the work of the Almighty God, and it is to change the world. ¨ 

This work is real. It is loving and it is craaaaazy awesome. 

Here are a couple little points from this week:

- A got a calling in the primary and loves helping the kids. While we were teaching her, her favorite song was "Come Follow Me" and her favorite scripture was in 3rd Nephi about becoming as a child, pure and following Christ. It was amazing to see the inspiration president received in helping her continue in these things that brought her to the gospel. 

- H is doing so good! He is a true convert. His first week after being baptized he got the calling to be a 2nd assistant to the presidente and he is rocking it. Seriously, a rock star. And president has been so good to him. Other than the 3 hours of church meeting on Sunday he also has 3 other meeting he comes to. And he loves them- he asked if they could have more meeting in the week. He is teaching with the elders and helping in home teaching. He is helping in all the quorum projects and passing the sacrament on Sundays. He is a missionary in his home and there are just a bunch of little things. Like in sacrament the person who was suppose to give the prayer wasn’t there so just at the pulpit president explained the agenda and he called on H to say the opening pray- something that really scared the members here, but H just ran up so excited and giving. I looove it. 

-We are also working a lot with the inactive here. Trying to help bring them back. Just in the last couple days we had 14 lessons with inactive where we focused on the Book of Mormon and restoration and it rocked. We had 2 of those people come back to church from the first time in a long time! 

Also I had a weird experience I have never had before. 2 Weeks ago we found out a member couple were talking and listening to the lessons from the Jehovah witnesses. So we had tried getting ahold of them to see what was up- you know? Then they didn't come on Sunday so we stopped by and actually interrupted their lesson with the testigos (Jehovia Witness). Crazy. 

They invite us in so we sat down at the table and it’s just the 2 testigos, the member couple and us. It was crazy. It was all very nice and very professional- but so weird. So they end and pray and leave. Then we are just real with them- like what are you looking for with the testigos. Then they explain the whole story. Long story short, he knows our church is true and she is so confused right now. So lost. 

But I was able to relate- not a lot because I have been so blessed to always have this knowledge and joy in my life. But I thought about the weeks being sick and those feeling I had of confusion with my what God thought of me and feeling so alone. So we taught about the restoration- why our church is true. The Book of Mormon- how it is the word of God. Then how she can do what José Smith did- and ask God. It was one of the most powerful lessons I have had in my mission- because I knew she had the truth- but was slowly leaving it. We were able to testify, and the spirit was so strong, that this message is true. That is the message of the Almighty God, and it will change her life.  If she but asks and acts. 

I love being a missionary. I love this work. I love changing the world and having this work changes me. 

xoxo Hna ball

- Then this picture of us on the fence is a funny story. We ended up jumping this fence to try and save the soul of one of the investigators and her son who is inactive. Ha-ha the member had passed by and was like I need to meet the Hermana’s up here and we will be back in 15 minutes for the lesson. They seemed so excited- but when we showed up they´d locked the gate. Ha-ha that doesn´t stop us- we've got souls here. So we just jumped the fence and the member just busted up. Oh boy, this work is so fun and so happy.

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