Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Miracle of the flea bites

 Looks like Ali was rushing today and many of her words are in Spanish.  I did my best to try and translate them (thank you google)

Hola Familia! 

 What a week! Time is flying by- way, way tooo fast. Someone just asked me today how much time in the mission and I realized I have about 10.5 months! Whaaaaat?

Well family, it’s sure been a crazy week.   First of all, Elder Nelson comes this week! I am sooo stinking excited. 
Also, I love the members of Rio Bueno. Tan buenos.(So good) We have a couple members we are working a lot with to go to lessons with us and to help friendship. It's a bit hard here because most of the women work and do all the house work. But we´re slowly getting it. 

For example, one of my favorite lessons was with Hna M. She is a gem. (I have sent pictures home with her when we went to the snow) but we have being helping a menos activo (less active) family return and we taught about el evangelio de jesucristo. (The gospel of Jesus Christ.)  Fue muy bueno porque ella is a convert. (It is because she is a great convert)  She was able to really testify and she was able to make them realize how the life is dificil (difficult) but how the gospel truly can help. It's crazy what a member's testimony can do- the family really opened up with us about how the wife doesn’t feel digno (worthy) to go to church and we are able to help them with their real need! Best! 

While there, we gave the husband an assignment in church. To give a spiritual thought in the class de gospel principles. (Gospel Principles class in Sunday school)  We explained what a spiritual thought is and then we gave an example. We had another lesson with them Friday night and he had been studying all week- turns out he got way into it and had been up till midnight the night before reading. We had a little practice with him and he rocked it. 

Then is Sunday they all came to church, all 3 hours, and he was a stinking rock star. He ended up talking about 15 minutes for the thought but taught it so good, included the whole class, was giving personal examples and leading discussions. It was swweeeeeet. Woohoo for members who are rock stars. 

Then, my other favorite lesson we had with a member was with Hna C. I don’t have a picture with her yet. But we have been doing a ton and she is awesome. 26-28 yrs. old and sooo solid. We have been preparing C for baptism with her and it's so good. We taught the plan of salvation this week and C really got in to it- especially the atonement. Love. And get this- Carolina is going to be baptized the 27th! Woohooo. 

Also, the start trek tee shirt. Is that not just so mom? Ha-ha tie-dye and start trek. We were walking last p-day on the way to an activity with the Elders and A and H and we saw it in the store window. For sooo cheap. So now I am happily sleeping in my "happy little´mom shirt." Ha-ha Chile. So random. 

Lets see here, oh my gosh. Guess who found out where I was? Then found at I was at a lesson with A and H? And showed up to their house?

Only J, G, and B. I wanted to die. They are so bad with the rules! Oh my gosh! It was so bad (but soo good to see them.)  Then we went out and R and C were in the car.  I was so mad at them but I think I was smiling to big. They´ve promised not to ever do it again and like a good missionary I reported it to the Elders. But oh boy those kids! Hahaha they look so good! 

But it also was crazy to have literally my favorite people all in one room- A, H, their mom who we are working with.  Then J, G, R, B and C.  We ended up singing "I am a child of God" and it was so powerful to see them all there and think about all the crazy experiences.

Also, I think Heavenly Father loves me because seriously! No, let me take that back. I know Heavenly Father loves me so much because right now I have literally 100 pulga (flea) bites and we found out at the beginning of the mission I am allergic to them- so they get really big and itchy. But get this- they only itch in the street and in our house (and all night, ha-ha) but in our lessons I am itch free and can teach. Seriously. It’s like a bible story or something. Parting the red sea, the lion’s den, me and not itching. (Is this sacrilegious)?

But also I know that Heavenly Father loves me because I have Hna P as my companion- I love training. There is so much excitement and everything is new. Also, it’s cool trying to be exactly and completely obedient- and it’s cool (going to get real selfish for as minute) because obviously I am learning and benefiting more than she is (but really, having to try to figure it out and what to do and all) and I love it. I hope I train forever more. And she is the best, so it’s cool. 

Also, my companion says that when I get a little stressed out in the street because our plans fell through I start humming the Darth Vader theme song as I'm thinking of new plans.  Ha-ha I blame mom. "dum, dum, dum-dum"

Also this week we had multi zone conference. I sent a picture of just my zone, la union with president. But it rocked; shoot president just threw it down. But that’s what I love. And it was cool for me because they asked me to speak about retention. I chatted a bit and it was good I think. But it was cool for me to think about the different experiences with J, G, R, A and H. 

Let me just tell you how much I love those kids. 

Well family, I got to wrap up- sorry its scattered today, this cyber has like 20 preteen boys playing video and computer games on full blast and I can´t focus. 

But here´s a little food for thought. "I have observed 3 common characteristics of the Priesthood holders who are my hero’s. One is a pattern of prayer, the second is a habit of service, and the third is a rock hard decision to be honest. ¨ -Elder Eyring. 

How true it is! I have seen it first with dad, then different holders here, mission pres., certain elders or men in the ward. But it was amazing to hear J pray yesterday- so deep and so real. Then to see H turning into this type priesthood holder. 

I can´t even tell you how much he is progressing. He has the assignment to pass the Santa cena (the Sacrament) (which he loves) and this week he’s going to start blessing it. Then he has a solid calling-, which was chosen specifically by president to help him and for H talents. Where he is surrounded by exemplary priesthood examples- who truly love and respect him. 

He is a missionary in his house and at work. Then he is leaving with the elders and they say he is making a huge difference in their lessons because he can testify so purely. He is preparing to go to the temple in 3 weeks for baptisms- and has done family history to take names with him. And he is coming to all the activities the ward has to offer and is in institute, our mission training class, and everything. He is studying the scriptures every day and truly becoming one of my priesthood holder heros. 

I love this work, because it is the work of God- with his power and authority, help, guidance and love! 

I love being a missionary. 

xoxo. Hna Ball

P.s. its dog season. Which means only one good thing- baby puppies all through the streets! 

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