Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Missionary, volcano explorer, and Book of Mormon lover

 ¨And what makes you different? I know that the Book of Mormon is true.¨ Elder Nelson

Elder Nelson related a story when asked, as a surgeon, what made him different from all the rest. And I looove his answer! How true it is- WE KNOW THE BOOK OF MORMON IS TRUE!

This week was amazing. One for the books! Because I know the Book of Mormon is true, my whole life is so much happier, fun and amazing. We had the conference with Elder Nelson- where I got to shake his hand! (haven´t washed it yet. ha-ha) and it was amazing. He is such a loving man. And his wife- when I grow up I want to be Hermana Wendy Nelson. 

Then get this, not only 1 conference with him, but 2! One live and one by satellite. He and Elder Christofferson had a special conference about strengthening marriages and we took A and L (the evangelicals) with us. Yes, oh yes, you can put your money on 2 apóstoles. (apostles)  After the conference we asked them what they thought and both were completely touched by the focus our church has on the family. (And it's because really, we know the Book of Mormon is true so we know what we have to do. You know? oh, Elder Nelson. love)

Also we have 2 new investigators we are excited about.

One is P (an inactive 22 who is a gem we are helping come back to church) and her brother is 11- we taught him and it was so good- we are hoping to teach the whole family. But J- the brother, is really mature for 11 years and is excited to be baptized and get the priesthood. 

We have a lot of work with this family before we can get the mom, sister and brother reactivated and the brother (and hopefully) dad members. But I have a loooot of hope. The only thing is that they live out in the countryside pretty far, so we have to take a bus, find a car (they are scares) or walk an hour to teach them. But it is worth it!

The other family is R and A- I am so, so completely in love with this family. We knocked their door 2 weeks ago and have tried again and again, to no luck. But he seemed nice and we had an appointment- so we show up and he wasn’t there, so we think he must not be interested but we talk to his wife a little bit and she asks us to come back in 30 minutes. So we go do a little work and come back- there they are sitting with their 2 kids, (5 an 7) and we sit and just have a straight up lesson. We teach the whole restoration, and it was so powerful. The kids were involved and so cute and the family is amazing- at the end of the lesson we ended with a kneeling prayer that was so dear and have an appointment this week. 

We really have been having a hard time finding new people, and I know they are an answer to literally prayer and obediencia. (obedience). They are soooo dear. Hopefully many stories to come- they have promised to read the pamphlet and pray to know if it’s true! ojala si! (hopefully yes)

Ok then this week, we had a couple cool things happen. We are helping everyone- but especially the youth get names for the temple trip the 28th. We had a really cool family history lesson with the kids and they are getting pumped. But one of the coolest things was H explaining he has already found and submitted 15 names on his own! Rock star. 

Also mom, this week my comps got their packages from you and LOVE them. You are the coolest mom ever. And I got your letter with the thing from Hna J's homecoming. So cool- crazy 33 missionaries. But it was definitely the best to get your little love note. Please let gma simpkins know I am still waiting on her package- but mail is a bit slow these days. 

Now let me explain the pictures! Crazy week. 

So first, I have a couple photos from our sector. I love this part so green and loving.  I love El Campo muchísimo. (beautiful El Campo)

Funny story about the one with us walking on the road- the bus system is sketchy and we had a couple problems so had to walk quite a few miles on the ¨highway¨ to try to get back to our part of the world. But it was pretty and a fun adventure. Ha-ha. Longer story to come in mail. 

This week we also gutted our mamitas backyard- then as a thank you (because she doesn’t already do enough- por favor) she taught us how to make sopapillas (mom don’t know how to spell it- but google it.so good) I am sooo excited to make these for you all. Mmmmmm. 

We had intercambios- and one of the craziest things of my mission happened. 

So, I am with Hna Nielsen and we are knocking a fence- and the lady is there, like 40 yrs. old and has big bushy hair. So as we knock two dogs come barking and she grabs one of them- who is big and barking a lot. She takes a metal chain and starts wrapping it around his neck- us thinking for her to tie it up for us to enter. This whole time she hasn´t said anything- and is still just wrapping this chain around his neck. Well, we are just chatting it up waiting for her to come and then we look and the dog has stopped making noises- he is still barking but it was weird. 

And he is wrapping its chain tight. Then it got crazier- she pulls out a huge saw like a big knife starts sawing his ear off. So obviously we just take off hauling out of there.We run about a block and a half and turn down another block and just stop, staring at each other in shock. It was sooooo crazy. So, so, so, crazy and so confusing. But we are most definitely keeping clean of that witches street. 

Oh also, you see the slug?  Todos los días. (daily) So gross. 

Theeeeen oh my gosh, hoy (today) was the best. We went to Volcano Osorno with the zone! So good. We are waaay up, above the clouds. On one side we have the volcano which we hike up and much was allowed and then on the other side of the clouds was a second volcano- honestly one of the most breathtaking things of my life.  Mom and dad when we come back you will love it. 

Well family. I love you so much. 

Here is another little elder nelson quote from our conference ta keep you happy. 

¨Keep going, because you don´t know whom you can touch and how they can change the world. ¨

xoxox Hna ball
Missionary, volcano explorer, and book of Mormon lover

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