Monday, March 9, 2015

Catching fire, literally

¨Stand fast in the work wherewith I have called you... (D&C 9:14) ... And, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. ¨ (Matt 28:20)

It´s true. I know I am exactly where Heavenly Father has called me to be- I love Puerto Cisnes. I have just over 3 months here and I love it. 

Yes, I´ve knocked every door (and a lot twice!), talked to just about every person, it rains all the days and is cold and there are 1000 dogs and we literally don´t have investigators (this is the hardest part. we are trying so hard and have no one progressing.) Buuut, we have successes.

 And I know these scriptures were written just for me- That I am where I have been called and He´s with me, even here at the end of the world.

I love this branch. We´re few. Like 30. (We have about 5 families and a handful of faithful women who come alone.) But I have really come to know and love these saints.

Yesterday, we were in Ward council and I just again looked around and thought about how lucky I am- every single person in first generation member and they are rock stars.

We have been teaching each family the lessons. This week we had a lot of success in teaching the Restoration- but also not only teaching it, but also teaching how they can teach it to others.

Also, there is one of our members who want to serve a mission in the temple with her husband- so tomorrow I am going to start English classes. So cool! She knows a bit so we are going to just focus on phrases and things to help people in the temple. LOOOVE. When she was explaining her idea to me she said, "I want to help people, you know like, you need a pair of socks...¨ ha-ha so cute.

Also, you remember our friend N who was visiting from Viña del Mar? Well get this, we had rock star lessons with her and her dad and dad's girlfriend. So we had 2 lessons. One was on the Book of Mormon and we showed a siiick Mormon message explaining the story then when through and read it with them. But the best part was we had given her the books early and she wrote a sweet message and her testimony in them.

Her dad wasn´t too interested in the message before- then she pulled out the Book of Mormon and testified and the spirit was so strong and he completely changed. Then we had our other lesson fhe (family home evening) and explained the restoration. It was so good. I am excited to see what happens. The only bummer is N had to go back to Viña and her dad had to leave to work in the ocean for the rest of this month. We have a lesson today with E (the girlfriend) so hopefully when R comes back we´ll still be good!

Also we are finding a real big problem here. The people don´t feel the need to repent or be cleaned from sin. It's a small and chill pueblo and they really aren´t doing anything bad or crazy. Just living good simple lives. So we have been trying to fight this. But it’s all good. We have a few people who might be able to progress. Hopefully R and E or a couple others. But we´ll just have to see.

We saw Heavenly Fathers hand with one of our less actives. We have been trying to get to know her and teach but without luck. Well we saw her and got her phone number and had an appointment for the lesson the next week. Well that afternoon we called right before the lessons to see if she was still good and we went over and started to talk when she got emotional explaining she had forgotten we were going to come by today and she is in a really rough situation. And was so lost and didn't know what to do so she prayed and just close to tears asked God what to do when she said amen, we called. I am so grateful to be a daughter of God. Or more so to know that I am and what that signifies. We just testified of Him and His plan and have another appointment planned. Wooohoo. I hope this time she is ready to act. The other times not so much, but I think now is the time!

Then we had a second cool little miracle- we had 10 minutes left of the day that we could enter a house to teach or we had to be in the house for the day. So we were a knocking and a lady let us in- we had rock star super simple but great 15-minute lesson. But here’s the thing- shooot. She works and leaves today, like everyone else. We have great lessons, feel the spirit and then they have to leave for a month of work and then come back for 2 weeks then leave again for half a month then have a week etc. because we are on the ocean. So it’s cool. But rough.

Other cute thing, Hermana O. So we had lunch with her this week and she explained how she was in the mountains and it was quiet and she was alone and thought about José Smith and how wonderful it is and what if God appeared to her. I love little conversations like this because it shows that this gospel really is becoming a part of her!

Also still love being a Hermana Líder. (Sister trainer) its cool and great and the best. I love the meeting and calling and helping and loving and serving the girls.
Gems of the week.
Our mamita (a mamita is the member who feeds us 5 days of the week. its a lot of work and a big sacrifice here. then for her to have the weekend we eat with a member on Saturday and we cook on Sundays) our last mamita was so good to us. Really, really crazy good. And i don´t know if I’ve explained- grandma Simpkins wrote and asked about here so here’s a bit about our Darling mamita Hermana Bernarda. 

She doesn´t just feed us but she does it with so much love. Like the other night she just showed up with two pieces of homemade cake while we were doing planning. So cute. She makes the BEST meat empanadas. And feeds us like royalty. Everyday we have a 3-course meal. A starter (salad, soup or empanadas) then we have the dish (today was salmon that was fresh from this morning and yummy onion.) then we have salads, juice salad everyday we end with a little dessert. Crazy. She is so loving.

Also gem number 2. Sometimes we have random little service things that I love. I’m now a pro 15 minutes woodchopper.

We study right next to the fire because it gets pretty cold with the rain and this week I was studying and I guess I was sitting a bit close and burned a big ole love mark in my skirt. Ha-ha so sketch. But I’ve got a needle and thread so it’s good.

Also people are still telling us about they have seen us on YouTube and Facebook or we were also on the pueblos TV cannel from pescado frito. Hah the Mormons are famous! We were in a lesson and the lady’s all ¨hey i saw you guys on the TV¨

I love you!
Sending Patagonian vibes your way.

xoxo Hna Ball

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