Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Volcanos erupting, earthquakes quaking, and testifying of Christ

I am going to send these in segments because the rain is so bad the lights keep going in and out and I think we are going to lose power again. 
¨There shall be thunderings and lightnings for the space of many hours and the earth shall shake and tremble...¨   The prophets have never spoken truer words! 
We have had a crazy couple of days. I sent home some pictures of sun... yeah those were from last p-day. We have had TERRENCIAL rain. I would say I have never seen rain like this, but I have lived in the south of Chile for almost 15 months... its crazy. 
But the crazy thing is its just normal. It was one of those socks, underwear and I think my bones were soaked kind of weeks. One of those where it is so loud on the roofs that during a lesson we had to all move our chairs in, almost knee to knee to hear, or when we called our district leader only one of us could talk because it was so loud we really couldn’t hear with the phone on speaker, or when we were so wet that we decided the only thing to do was buy a brownie to eat, but before we could finish eating it was soaking wet ha-ha. One of those kind of weeks. The truth is I love it. It’s the craziest of adventures living in the Patagonia. 
Also, the unluckily stories about Friday the 13th aren´t just stories... we had a 4.9 earthquake! But here is the funny thing, when it was happening we were so confused because it was so rainy and just then we were walking by a metal fence (I sent a photo home from this morning) but it starting shaking like crazy and the vines  
(hheeey I am chatting with someone from California in the library. What? English is so cool.) 
Ok, but anyways long story short, we thought there were just guys on the other side of the fence messing with us so the water from the vines would fall. Ha-ha, but no!  It was an earthquake! Then we had a second really small one. But it was sweeet. It's because there is a volcano off the shore that has been dancing. It hasn´t erupted, but its just puffin. This week we travel to Coyhaique and I am just hoping it waits to erupt until we come back.
But speaking of crazy rain, we have 7 new waterfalls on the mountain just from the last 24 hours! 
And the problem with the rain is everyone feels bad for us and they feed us soooo much. Ha-ha. So many empanadas. (I am just pretending to complain. it’s the best. warm bread or empanadas and our coats warming up next to the fires. beeeest.) 
-Hna O is doing really, really well. Yesterday we had our branch conference- 36 people in church! Craaazy good! But she bore testimony and her story about finding the truth and peace. Love. Ha-ha and she is number one on the warm bread and fire list. So cute. 
Also we have our 3 investigators. 
-F. It's such a bummer because we have a rock star lesson with her and then we cant find her for work, or because her husband is there or something. Crazy. 
-E- is progressing. Little for little. She is a rock star. 
- M. I told you about finding her with Nicole (from viña del mar) well get this. We have taught her twice and she is receptive. She is really interested in the idea of the preearth life. How her family was together then and lived with God. 
This week we also did a bunch of service. There is one cute little grandma,  and her daughter who has Down Syndrome who we always visit to chop wood and sing hymns. They are so cute and I have gained the trust of her daughter and get the biiiiigest hugs. Love. Also it’s cool because F is the daughter of one of the very first women to colonize Puerto Cisnes. 
Also, we had an awesome ward activity. We are getting the branch to get more involved and its really successful. Our ward mission lider gave the lesson on the plan of salvation and it was sooo good. Tears all around.  He is our old papito and a real gem. Reminds me of dad more than anyone that I have met here in Chile. Love. 

But sometimes I don´t know how I am so lucky to be living a pure adventure. It like you said mom, I am living trek just without the handcart. And instead of a handcart it’s just an axe for chopping wood, rain boots and a Book of Mormon. 

I love Puerto Cisnes. Yes, I have never been so rejected in my life! But I really am happy. The singed hair is back, 2 nights ago we had to out run a drunk (grandma, don’t stress. It wasn’t bad), and I am so wet. But I am sooo happy. 
I especially love being with the members. I love reading and singing and serving with them. 
I love my personal studies. I love reading and understanding the scriptures. I love teaching lessons and I love testifying. 
I love service. 
This week. So we were in lunch and the member. (The same who when I asked what we could do, asked for a little bit of my hair for a doll.) Well we were eating and someone knocked on the door and explained their dog killed the neighbor’s cat. Ha-ha so what do we do, I clean it up and my companion gags and snaps a photo. Ha-ha so funny. 
Even with out a bunch of investigators we are keeping really busy. I love these days when we only have a 10-minute break to change the wet clothes, use the bathroom and eat a hard-boiled egg. 
I sure love you family. I´m love saying my nightly prayers because I´ve got a cute picture of all of you on a little quote wall by my bed and I see it right before I pray and I just think about how much I love you and how crazy blessed we are. 
I love you. xoxox. Hna ball

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