Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Movie promoter and missionary extraordinaire

¨Choose to act for yourself. Be motivated from within... work and become self reliant, set goals, overcome mistakes, gain experiences, and finish what you begin. ¨- Elder Hales talking about Puerto Cisnes :)

Skype was cool. You all look old. Ha-ha. But really what a miracle- a week without Internet. We ended up doing our district mtg over a 2-hour phone call. Booo. So glad we didn´t just have to talk on a phone!

The truth, it was weird for me to talk with you guys. My companion told me I didn't even use all the time, only 30 minutes. And that right after I was stressing out and went like a maniac knocking down doors teaching lessons.  I like seeing you guys but am sooooo not ready to see you guys.

Ok don´t have much time today- so here’s to the spiritual, the branch, the movie theater and the funny.

The spiritual. We have been trying to work on my visa for months now. It’s pretty crazy. But I got the word that the government was off strike and I needed to go in as soon as possible. So we were planning on bussing down to Coyhaique on Thursday but felt really strongly we should go Tuesday. 

So we canceled the one appointment we had (which is why we weren’t going to on Tuesday) and headed out on the 5:30 am bus.

We got there and did everything on my visa and had time to stop by to visit the Hermana’s. We sat down with them to see how they were doing and they just burst into tears. Explaining a couple of rough things that had happened. And how we were literally God sent. That they didn´t know who they could talk to because its not really a talk over phone thing and then hours later we knocked on the door. 

It was amazing. We were able to talk for a bit and me and Hna R were in so much unity- the words and scriptures just flowing. It was really, really crazy. The spirit was so strong. We ended our little time with them; all of us kneeling in prayer and it were one of those moments. Love.

The branch. Is good. This week we kicked it. Let me tell you- we have been trying to get the visiting teaching thing going here and to no luck. So we went big. Made a plan, decked out the relief society room and worked with the president. We turned everything upside down and it was so good. More to come.

The movie theater- we turned the sacrament room into a theater and it was awesome. We watched "the book of life" with is way cute.  But it was really successful because the closest movie theater is in Coyhaique where we did the Easter activity- but it is only open a couple times a year for old ancient movies. And then the closest real movie theater is an airplane ride away. We are going to keep doing the activity and hopefully it will be more successful each time.

The funny. Hermana N. love her so much. She called us yesterday asking if we could go with her to visit her father’s grave. Which was darling. But then the funny part- then they took us on a whole tour of the countryside of Puerto Cisnes. We´re all "ummm we need to work."  And they are all "noooooooo." Ha-ha. Oh boy. We have a family home evening tonight and we are going to talk more about temple prep. - Looooove.

Well family. I’ve got to run. I love you. xoxoxox Hna ball

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