Tuesday, June 9, 2015

"I spy Jesus"

June 1, 2015

¨Obedience is a choice. It is a choice between our own limited knowledge and power and God´s unlimited wisdom and omnipotence. ¨ -Our dear L. Tom Perry. 

Well family. Can you believe today's date? The freaking 1st of June. This means I have less than a month left until I am headed to Osorno to fly out. 

We´ve figured it’s going to be quite the adventure leaving my little village. Days of traveling, about 5 buses and 2 airplanes just to get me to Santiago. Crazy. But lets not talk about that anymore right? 

We had a really, really successful family home evening in the church. 3 adult investigators and 4 kids! We showed a Mormon message from the youth that shows the José Smith story but for today. Super cool. 

Then we played games. Hahaha. I died. 

So we split up in two groups and they had music from all decades and started a song and who ever knew it first would stand up and start singing the words and dancing. Ha-ha. I ended up winning Bon Jovi (thank you mom) and that one song that’s all ¨Your beautiful its true, I saw your face.¨  Yes, I have been here for a very long time but it was the first time they saw the remote control as the microphone Hermana Ball. So, so, so good. It was the perfect activity because everyone was laughing and singing and so, so, so successful. Hearing these lovely Chileans sing English. Classic. 

We also have seen a new success with S. She was at the activity and loved it. We were also able to teach her twice and it was a good week. You see those little kittens? Those are only 3 of the 6! Crazy. We teach with them all over us. I know your thinking but Hna ball you´ve got the craziest allergies how does that work?  Let me tell you, God is protecting us! 

Ha-ha after an hour of 6 cats crawling over me just small problems. Its crazy cool. But this week in branch council we talked about a plan for S and this Saturday we are all going to fast for her as a branch council. MIRACLES TO COME. 

We have also had success with our red handbook lessons. We have been teaching them with presidente Ancamil and we are seeing a lot of changes in the branch. Like yesterday we had a 5th Sunday combined lesson from the members that was out of this world good. Love. 

The truth is we are trekking on. Its rough here. This week we only had 4 lessons the whole week but we are just pushing forward and working. It’s rough but I´m learning a lot. 

This week we also traveled to Coyhaique. We were there for one mtg and then we got a call that we needed to go back to work out visa things for my companion. So it turned into a crazy 2 days. With 6 hours to sleep and 16 hours on the bus. I am dead. Bruised knees and a bad back- but that’s the Patagonia. :) 

It’s getting pretty wintery here. So cold. So much wood to carry. But we have put blankets around the drafty parts of our bedroom and started studying there above our beds in the mornings. 

Umm what else is new? 

Oh, we had a rock star family home evening with the president Ancamils family. They are so cute. 

One of our lessons was with a really, really, really religious lady. She let us in and then gave us lots of tea and lots of bread. She just kept it coming and way after we were full it still was coming warm off the fire. Ha-ha because like she says ¨In a house of the Lord bread and water never lack¨ and she literally gave it all until we were completely stuffed and she was just about out of bread. 

Well family. I love you muchly. Keep on keeping on. -Hna ball

PS  We write in the library here and they have a warm little fireplace in the middle and soft Chilean music. I love it.  

But this sector is really hard. Please pray for us. I have now seen it with all three of my companions. There is a stage where there isn’t much excitement and a bit of depression here because it is so slow and really cold and hard. It’s hard because we have a lot of pressure from the Elders especially with stinking numbers-, which mean nothing but yet means it all. Ya know? Shoot. 

But just send some love this way right. Maybe this fast Sunday we can all fast together for us to be able to simply have a really joyful week. Xoxoxo 

June 8, 2015

¨Dream beautiful dreams, then work to make those dreams come true. ¨ -Spencer W. Kimball. 

Being a missionary is a dream. Really. Sometimes I don´t know how my life is so good. This week in a zone mtg we watched a video with the songs- "I hope they call me on a mission" and "to bring the world his truth." (Ok, well the zone watched it and we listened to it from Skype because there was so much rain the video part wasn´t working well because of bad connection. ha-ah) but it was so good to remember that this has been my dream for years- really my whole life. And now I´m just living it up! 

This weeks gems. 
-We have officially left S. Dang it, it hurts. But she just really, really doesn´t want to succeed. It’s hard but this week we had final lessons with her and were really, really clear. But nope. However, after we made the decision it was clear it was correct because we left one and then focused our time in other things and found 5 new investigators. This is a record for Puerto Cisnes, seriously. It doesn’t happen. But it was cool because each new was in a different part of the work. 

1. Went to buy a salchipap (It's a Chilean meal) and the lady is all "oh you guys are the Mormon. I hate Mormons." Hahaha, so we were chatting with her and then what do you know?  We are watching "gracias a que él vive" on her TV (the picture is like an I spy picture. Can you spot Jesus!!!) her husband died a couple of years ago and its been really hard for her. We chatted about the plan of salvation and it was cool. 

Everything is aways wet!

2. So we were with our investigator and her friend came in. We were able to chat with both of them and then our investigator ended up testifying of it all. Super cool. Today we are going to have a family home evening with both of their families. 

3-4. A mother and daughter. We knocked their door in December and January but never could teach and then lost contact with them. Then this week we were with a less active and her and her daughter were there. The next day we went and had a killer lesson on the first part of the plan of salvation. It was awesome because she was really, really involved. And get this, the mom is like 38 and her and her husband are married.... the first of our investigators to be so!!!! So hopefully lots of new to come. 

5. We were knocking doors in the rain. But more like a super deep shower than rain, and a lady let us in. I think out of pity, hahah. But we were able to teach her a bit and we found out she has met with missionaries before and her sister is Mormon. It’s been cool. We only were with her for 30 minutes because it was right before a mtg but we´re going to head back a see what comes. 

Ok my hand hurt so much to type. Its freezing cold! Ha-ha I almost can´t type. So just a short letter this week. 

But it’s been a rainy week. The kind where the muscles hurt and when you step out side you get soaked and where it hits the ground so hard it bounces back up. Its crazy to see. But it’s always amazing- because we had 4 days straight. Night and day with out the rain stopping. Then we had the break in the storm and it was beautiful! 

This week was also president ancamils birthday so we celebrated it was a lamb!!! Yum yum yum. I love this family. I love the Patagonia and I just love it here. 

Last night we had a rock star fhe with N. Yáll are going to loooove her. 

Well family I got to go or my fingers are going to fall off!!! 
Xoxox Hna ball

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