Thursday, February 6, 2014

I have 6 more days in the CCM-, which is crazy! 

But it’s been quite a week- I'll try to type as fast as I can but I don’t have much time because they are recording a video of us for the dedication. 

Ok so we had our last lesson with Julia. Man I love her. The person Julia is actually our teacher Hma. Blancarte and she is a gem. Sometimes we forget we are teaching our teacher be it gets real in there- its different then all my other investigators, she is the best. But we had our last lesson and we all three just testified of the truthfulness of the gospel and our love for it. It made me cry a little just thinking about how much I love it here and how excited I am to teach real people, and have a real investigator explain these things to me and see their lives change. 
My teacher Julia

Then in one of our leadership meeting I had us all share our mission scripture and chat about it. It was way cool to hear everyone’s scriptures and how they relate to their lives. It was also a good reminder of why we choose it and what kind of missionaries we want to be. 

In two of our lesson this week Hermana Spencer has not felt well so she pretty much just bore testimony and I had to take over and do the whole lesson-which was really, really cool. I still don’t know that much Spanish- but I know enough. 

This week we had a new investigator- Nathan. HE is way cool. 19 yrs. old, loves baseball, and is living with his mom. His dad walked out on them when he was really little and since then his sister ran away and is literally crazy. Until teaching him I didn’t realize how similar the gospel and baseball were :) my Hermana laughs because I find ways to explain it all in baseball terms. The other day it was agency and the fall and all about how it is like baseball. 

Oh then I have had a couple of just killer lessons- best. We’re learning about how to teach people not lessons, so good.

Then our teacher told us this quote from his mission president. I don’t remember exactly how it goes- but something about how if you finish one thing lazy- as you lead into the next part of your life you will start it lazy. Or if you finish something strong- you will start the next part strong.  So an example is, if I finish my last week at the CCM strong, I will start my mission strong. Then if I finish my mission strong I will start the rest of my life strong. Really cool concept. 
My District

*Oh this was the best- so there is a darling Hermana here so I love- Hermana Co. she told me this week that in her setting apart blessing her stake president explained there has been a girl prepared for her, to help her and lead her and guide her. She explained that, that girl was me. And how I am a literal answer to prayer and revelation. I was so touched and I felt so purely of heavenly fathers love for her. It was incredible- something I have never really experienced before. But it was interesting because I didn’t feel I was doing or acting any different towards her- I just know it was the spirit guiding me in when to talk to her and what to talk to her about. 

I just finished week 5 outta 72. That’s crazy!

So before every devotional we have a little challenge. Like a Book of Mormon challenge or a scripture challenge. So this week it was the temple challenge where they put up pictures of temples and you had to name them.  It was a competition between all the companionships of missionaries. And then they asked who has visited the most temples in the world- and guess who won outta the whole CCM? Me baby! (yeah I know its also the nerdiest.  But we have to be so nice all day and gym and this was time the only time we can have a little competition, so it was fun) but 15 temples. So every one is teasing me that I’m a celebrity and they get pictures with me and stuff. Its good.

Ok this was the worst- One of the Elders had appendicitis (how ever its spelled) and had to go get emergency surgery.  In Mexico!  But he’s back and doing well. Luckily they caught it early and popped that thing out. It was cool comparing it to Jeremy’s. But he’s back now.  He’s new line after surgery- “I love Mexico so much I’m just leaving a piece of me here.¨
My "sugar momma"

Then dad you’ll be proud of me :) So, the bananas here are manna from heaven. Seriously they are strait up gold. But for dinner they had some nasty spicy stuff and it was the first night Elder Wadsen (appendix guy) was back so he’s like “oh I just wish I could have a banana.” - So I sneak back to the kitchen and am chatting with my two friends who are the cooks (I did dishes with them one day and now we are bffs. Seriously. They are my sugar mama and pops. they sneak my fruit loops and ice cream and the good stuff ;) ) so I just tell them what’s up and asked for a couple of bananas, so they gave me a huge ole bunch and I just walk back and hand them to him. I thought he was going to cry. It was darling. 

Then I met two guys here from my senior class at Lone Peak. So that was kind of weird but funny. 

Ok also dad you teased me when I got to Chile I would have a bunch of guys asking for my hand and professing love- I figured it would happen there but not here at the CCM. - So funny and so awkward. I have had two guys just hint and admit love for me for after our missions and ask me to write them. Ha-ha then I had one who full on explained his love and he is going to byu after his mission and he just knows we will be together and he all this stuff about our spirits and stuff. He is a way sweet guy but it was just so wack and so funny. (Luckily all of them have been cute little sweet elders and not creeps) but it’s a joke with the Hermana's who will next explain their love for me. Ha-ha. 
Some of the Hermanas

Ok so in class one of our hma just started crying because of stress and stuff so our teacher is chatting with the class and asks all of us questions and stuff. Then its all seriously- too serious- and he asks if we have anything to add or help so I just pull a banana outta my bag and give it to her explaining that God loves her and we love bananas. That sometimes Spanish fails, but bananas never fail. It was pretty funny but actually worked and now she’s doing good. Hah. 

So I started out a conversation with ¨so last night I fell off the bed then...¨. I’m not sure if it will be the crazy bunk beds or the Spanish that is going to kill me. 

So last week we said goodbyes to some of our best pals. Crazy. They had gotten here the week before us and now its crazy to think we’re next. It kind of feels like I am leaving for my mission again saying goodbye to these kids- some are dear friends. I cant wait to see in a couple of months. 

Oh- then I had bedbugs!-  I went to doc and I’m all good. I changed the sheets but oh baby, between them and the mosquitos! They had a feast. My arms and hands are covered. Worst.

Also I have had some crazy insomnia- maybe just keep little prayers that I can sleep through the night- because the last 4 days I have had about 2-4 hours of sleep a night. If that. Its crazy. 

Ok so with one of our investigators- Arturo- I was saying the prayer and I tried to say that he would not be tired anymore because work was crazy- consado but I said consuelo- ha-ha they were laughing and I didn’t know why- but I guess I asked heavenly father that he would not be comforted anymore. 

Oh so I haven’t been sleeping right- so I accidentally fell asleep one day in class- it was 7:30am and we were doing personal study. But the district leader and I are good pals so its time to get started with class so he stands up- scares me awake and immediately asks me to lead our hymn. I guess I was still a bit a sleep and my leading was more my hands flailing and I had the big line on my forehead and my eyes were closed and I was singing just a LIL off key. Ha-ha- what can I say. If none else, I keep the class laughing. 

Oh then with our investigator Nathan- I went to ask ¨¨how’s your mama. ¨ But I guess I said ¨¨who’s your mama¨ hah then we were chucklin´it kind of took the spirit away for a minute- but oh boy it was funny. 

Oh then we had a new invest and it was our first mtg. with him- so we just chatting getting to know him- and our teacher is watching to see how we do- but this guy has a crazy mumble so I am struggling to understand so I ask him to tell us about himself so he goes off and I have no idea what he says then I understood that he works and McDonalds. Then he said something else I couldn’t hear. So I just go with it, right- so it gets really quiet so I’m just like, oh ok- what’s your favorite part of McDonalds. Then my teacher is just half laughing and half dumbfounded and my Hermana just looks at my like I am an idiot. But I don’t know what’s going on so I just go with it. 

Then after my teacher stands up in class and explains he has heard the most profound question in all his years of teaching- it turns out the kid was explaining that his parents just died and how he is struggling and how work at mcd is hard- and out of all that I just ask how he likes mickey ds. So were all cracking up and it’s a classic. So funny. Now it’s the constant joke. 
The three "sassiest" in the CCM

Oh so these two Elders kept trying to scare me- because I am like the scare master here. So they are hiding behind the door in our classroom after lunch and go to scream out, but then get nervous that someone else was coming so we ended up scaring them a bit. So funny. Then they hid my stuff so it was a class scavenger hunt to find it all. 

Hey I found out my flight plans- my flight leaves 7:30 pm on Tuesday. So it’s going to be a long night and next day. They said it should be about a 24 hr. process to get there. Crazy. 
And Volleyball!

Sand volleyball. So good. Man I love it- I'm going to miss it. 

So we cleaned houses for our service project the last two weeks. But the main worker was a little crazy and we were washing down the walls and he comes in just throwing buckets of water almost soaking us yelling in Spanish. It was strait up scary. But luckily we were with a fun group so we just were all scared together and then all laughed together. The guy was just yelling “MAS AGUA”. So now when every we see him we just start yelling “mas aqua” and they guy cracks up because he thinks we are just crazy gringos. 

So we are teaching Julia outside because it is so warm and sunny and the best. And we are chatting just about to start our lesson when I offer to give the opening prayer. Part way though it a guy starts doing yard work with his leaf blower right by us- but the funny thing is I just go to finish my prayer- so I am full on yelling screaming so they can hear me- asking heavenly father to bless us with is spirit to guide us and his love.  So we are all trying not to laugh as I just keep yelling away with a quick amen. So funny- then we moved to a different place to finish the lesson out. 

I love it here. I am sure scared to leave because I feel I literally know barely any Spanish. But I’m ready for this next week. Please continue to pray for me- I need all the help I can get! Sending sooo much love your way. 

I’m just soaking up my last week in Mexico (literally I sit in the sun as much as I can) and cant wait for the adventures this week will bring! 


xoxo. So much love.

hma. Ball. 

p.s. to todays letter.

So I was asked what we do day-to-day so here’s a rundown of my schedule- 

6:30- up and ready
7- breakfast
7:30-8:30- personal study 
8:30-11 we have classes (fundamentals, coaching, Book of Mormon, Preach my Gospel, language, demonstrate teaching, etc.) depending on the day, then we also teach investigators during this time. 
11:30-12- additional study time
1-2- language 
2-3- gym
3:30-4:30 computer lab study
4:30-5:30- daily planning 
5:30 dinner
6:15- teaching investigators- being an investigator
7:15-9:15 more class.
9:30 companionship study, extra study
10:30 lights out. 

Then we have different things throughout the week.
We have a service project and devotional Tuesday night
Then Sunday is more chill- still classes and church but also devotional and a movie

Then this Friday is crazy. Infield orientation. 
So we have the same schedule until 8:30.
8:30-9 orientation
9-10 doctrine of Christ
10-10:30- intro r.
10:30-11:30- class on taller finding
11:30-12- class
12 lunches
12:45-1:45 language assessment
1,45- 2:45- goals n planning
3:15-4:15 playing with members 
4:30-5:30- play with members
5:30 dinner
6:15-7:15 questions and add. Study.
7:15-8:15 work with members- 
8:15-9:15 class, daily planning and add. Study.

It’s going to be a CRAZY week. 

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