Saturday, February 15, 2014

Viva la Chile

President and Sister Rappeleye

Hola. My p day is on Saturday!

Man Chile is crazy but I love it. Don’t have much time because we had choir practice- for 2 hours- crazy with al these breathing technique and sounds and practice making shapes and sounds with your mouth and just funny stuff- but they are having a special conference tomorrow we get to sing in so that is cool-
Ok spiritual
Man it was so good to talk to you guys in the airport- just to hear your voices and your advice. Dad you’re blessing was inspired- it was so crazy and scary and loud and very overwhelming but then you said the prayer and it was beautiful. I had peace and wasn’t so scared and now I am doing really well. It’s hard. I still don’t understand and it is so hard but it is so good. 

Oh when we pulled into Osorno I had my iPod on shuffle and it had been playing some efy stuff and right before we landed the byu men chorus came on with "I'll go where you want me to go dear Lord" and I just had a little bit of a magic moment. I’m here! I am a missionary and I am exactly where the lord wants me to be. 

Ok I have to tell you about this couple- we have taught a lot of people the last couple of days. But José and Guissa- it’s amazing how much love I already have for them. I don’t know how to explain it but I feel I am here at this time for them. - My companion even said so. But our lesson with them was beautiful. 2 hours in their humble home just testifying and I actually spoke and understood Spanish. It was amazing. Guissa is inactive and we are working with her and her boyfriend has a baptism date- but they are going to get married then them and their 2 kids will be the best family ever. 

We were talking about keeping Sunday holy and it turned into her not feeling worthy to take the sacrament so I just asked her about priesthood and blessings and talking to the bishop and I testified and mom and dad it was in that moment I realized why I am a missionary and why I am here and the power Heavenly father has trusted me with. The spirit was so strong. It was literally tangible. 
We all just broke down and cried together and it was the most beautiful experience of the week. 

Oh then in all our other lessons I have pretty much only been able to bare testimony but I love it and I love the spirit. Because it is the only time I really talk in the lesson people listen and it has been so powerful every time- again I am just so grateful for the spirit heavenly father allows me and has entrusted me with. 

Fleas and dogs. Eww. No. 

My comp has tendinitis. Which is hard because we can only go out a little bit. Obviously it is not her fault. I feel bad because her foot hurts. But I just want to get to work. But we are just working on my Spanish so it is good. Just keep her foot in your prayers. Ahh

Ok I was told how there is so much food. I have yet to see it. Oh my, I am starving- I’ve yet to be full since we got here. And the food we do eat is not healthy at all. We are going to get groceries so I should be able to get some good stuff.

But there is bread at every meal. Then a mix of rice, wheat and potatoes. My stomach has been wrecked. Oh man. But I am feeling much better. 

I love you. I will try to take more pictures and think of better stories to tell. Next week. 

José and guissa. Seriously the best.

We have a little mommacita who cooks us lunch everyday. She is darling and reminds me of grandma. I love her and the food isn’t too bad- I like it. 

Oh I am in the warmest part of the mission. And it is summer right now so it is soooo hot. I love it and I hate it. Its up to 85-90 degrees and there is no air conditioning and we walk everywhere and its long walks. Holy it is hot and a lot of the time people have their stoves on cooking or for laundry and stuff so even more hot. But it’s the best.

However we just got all our issued rain stuff so I know the wonderful sun won’t be here for long. 

It was so hot yesterday I just studied next to the window trying to get some air. It is soooo hot.

I love the people. They are so good and kind. But it is definitely humbling. 

Like one of my favorite poeple-chris is 20 (this is her niece and boyfriends fireman hat in picture) and a newer convert but is going inactive- they live in a trailer house and her dad just had his leg cut off because of diabetes and she just has a rough life. She did grad high school and the church is a way for her to make something of her life she is just struggling. It’s hard but again I love it here. I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

My companion. - Best. She is from Alpine, Utah. We went to Lone Peak together but didn’t know each other she was a senior when I was a sophmore. But we know all the same people. So good. And she is such a gem I got really really lucky.

Oh man I love it here. It’s hot and dirty and sometimes smells and the food is pretty much not good. But I love it. It’s beautiful and peaceful when you are outside of the city. Hah the city is wack, but I love it. 

There are dog’s everywhere- so many dogs and so many fleas! But best, I haven’t got flees yet- I know they will come but for now I am good. 

Our house is awesome. It is really nice for the area. Really, really nice. And I feel safe- sure we have mold in the bathroom and cracks in the ceiling and its hot and you have to be careful on the stairs not to step on the top stair or you fall through and there are drunks that live down the street) mom don’t stress. They are totally harmless and we just lock the door when we are home. = But it really is a nice place to live. I love it.  (This picture is our house)

Oh we went to a young women activity. 2 young women in the ward. 2 somewhat actives and 1 invest) who is going places. Best. But we had homemade pizza. So good. And it was fun to talk to the girls. 

Then this was funny- we stopped by a family of inactive and taught because a lesson fell through- turns out they are active. Ahha a way good surprise. 

I thought this was a Nepohite CTR thing when I first saw it. Hah silly Mormon girl. Its the drunk soccer team logo and they are crazy always yelling about it and stuff and always drunk. ha-ha but I like the idea of it being Nephite.   It’s just an adventure! And the best of adventures. 

I love you - I got to run. We’ve got work to do and Spanish to be learned. 

xoxoxo. Doubt not, fear not. 

Hma ball. 


P.s.s to my letter. The people here have really fair skin. I am darker and tanner than a good amount. People think I am from Argentina until I start talking. Then they realize I am a strait up gringa. I love it. 


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