Monday, February 24, 2014

Hola familia. 

Ok we only have 45 minutes a week to write home. Its crazy but I’ll just get a typing. 


WHAT A CRAZY WEEK. First I got to meet and shake hands with Elder Ballard. It was so cool. He came and gave a special conference to just our mission so we got to bus and take afield trip to Porto Vares. Amazing. He has such a crazy spirit and it totally got us pumped that night when we were teaching it was crazy. And right after the conference we went to the city square right by the 2 volcanoes. And all 60-70 of us sang hymns. It was crazy cool. 

Ok so I asked my first 3 people to be baptized- and all three said yes! And we're just making plans. And this might not seem this big but in this area it is huge. All the missionaries where shocked when they heard everyone I have asked has said yes. It’s so hard here. 

Also it’s crazy we have 90 percent inactive. Think of that number- its way too big! So we have about 500 people in our ward but only about 40 are active so we are all day with the inactives- but I love it. 

Then we got to have a special stake conference with Elder Rasband a president of the 70 and it was so good- and he spoke in English so I actually understood. It was a little gift from God because I was getting a little overwhelmed with all the Spanish then his talk was peeeeerfect and all about families and God's love and it was in English!!

Ok can we just talk about José and Guissa? Seriously they are the best. I love them so much. They are Michael and Julia Iverson. Their personalities and everything. I love it. Every time I am with them the spirit is so strong. 

And they are truly my family here. The other day was really hard- I felt like I didn’t contribute to the lessons, I had no idea what anyone was saying; I was tired and hungry and really sick. The food here has wrecked my stomach. But I am much better now we got meds and I am just being really careful with the food. But it was a rough day- and most of our appointments fell through and it was getting late and we went to visit Guissa. When I walked in I just felt love- the girls gave me kisses and Guissa gave me a big hug and got me some food and just knows me and asked how I was. We just cried together as I explained how much love there was in their home and how for me it is home. Man I love them.

Oh also there were 30 of us that bused to the conference and before we all sang hymns in the bus station at 7 am and it was so cool. I love the hymns in Spanish. 

It’s so humbling here. I wish I could explain it. But I am having such wonderful, truly life changing experience and it has only been under 2 weeks. I love it. It is sooo hard. But I love it. 

Ok this was so good and so funny. So we stopped by a less actives house and she let us in and gave us a little coca cola (best) and so we ask how we can help then she starts talking so fast and I have no idea what the heck she is saying so I just go with it and hear 2 words; hard times and how life’s hard so my then I hear her ask us to say a prayer with her. So we go to say it and before I’m like wait-so I pull out my scriptures just going with it because I super feel like she needs to hear a message- so I get D&C 121 7-9 and explain it and God's love and how we are her friends are here to help. ya know. Just a quick little thing. So then my hma says the prayer then the lady just stands up and gives us kisses and opens the door and we leave- right before this I'd felt the spirit something strong so then I got worried I said something wrong or had offended her- ha-ha because she full on just kicked us our of her house. Turn out when she was talking she was explaining how she has no time for us or a message because life is hard and dadadaddad so then I just ignore her and pull out the scriptures anyway. Hah so we were laughing about it because my comp just knew I had no idea what was going on but it turned out to actually be really good because she really did need to hear it. Ha-ha she hasn’t let us back in the house, but all in good time ha-ha

Ok so we are with another inactive and we ask to start with a hymn so we ask her to choose her favorite. When she tells me she wants the pretty song from the Titanic. So I am so confused thinking "what the heck- they have Céline Dion my heart will go on in the Spanish hymnbook?" And I am way confused but honestly loving the idea. And my comp is confused we are just looking at her when I realized she meant "Nearer my God to me" which they play at the end when the boat was a goin. So we just have a little crack up while trying not to laugh at her and keep the spirit. So funny. 

Oh my empanadas. I thought I had tried them before I got here. No. Holy cow. Seriously they are crazy. José and Guissa made then for me then just died laughing at how much I loved them. So they made more and dropped them by the house. What gems. 

Oh so we taught an investigator cute old man to pray- and he loved it. Also this man is like 80 plus years old. So cute. So we show him how to pray- hma Johnson prays. Then we have him pray and it was so cute and then he is way excited so he asks me to pray so then I pray then he loves it so much he tries to get his wife to pray who just says no because that’s enough prayers for one night ha-ha so cute. 

Oh then there is a favorite family in our ward. Family Zapata. So we had dinner with them and they are seriously the best. But we had hotdogs- cumplentos) which are a really really big deal here) and it seriously was like having hotdogs with the simpkins clan. Ha-ha so I cut my bun the wrong way which I didn’t know was a thing. Then they took it from me and just threw it away and gave me a new one cut the right way. Then I put the avocado on before the tomatoes- not good. Hah I loved it-. It was just like being home again. 
I still don’t have fleas! Hooray! 

Oh this week I was mistaken for being Chilean a couple times- I get comments like "öooh what a tall chileano." hahahaha then they find out immma gringo and I love their faces every time. 

Also everyone here thinks my name is so funny. Every time I explain hma. Ball is Hermana pelota they die laughing. They love it. 

Oh this was funny- so we sang in the choir for the special conference. Which was way pretty and cool. But I was so tired because a lot of it was in Spanish and it was so hard to understand so I had just a little moment of the head nods and I guess for just a minute I fell asleep- I had a big head nod forward and wake up and look up to see a whole family just laughing and pointing at the gringa asleep on the stand. Ha-ha luckily they are members and know its my first week, it was so funny. 

Oh then I also get 100 mentions about my tan and red face. Like one lady came over and just stared putting ice cold cans of soda on my face to cool me down when really I was fine. Ahah

Oh hah momma you’re going to die. So I was on a little dirt road in the middle of nowhere Chile. We were just walking and laughing and I got scared by what I thought was a rabid dog- but turned out to be a fire hydrant and it scared me so bad. Then we got laughing so hard it was just bad and it was one for the funniest things ever. 

Oh this was a rookie mistake. So I promise I don’t sleep all day- hah just these couple of times. So it is so hard in our lessons because the houses are so hot they keep the window blinds shut and they don’t turn on the lights because it cost money and makes it more hot- so we teach in semi darkness all day. Then not understanding a solid chunk of info- and just being so tired is hard. But I accidentally nodded off again in one of our lesson and I get caught right they are just laughing so hard and I am so embarrassed so I pull the ultimate gringa ¨oh perdon, me es muy emberasado. ¨Which of course means oh sorry I am very pregnant." Ha-ha it just made it so much worst yet so funny. 

Then today was the best. So some members took us to the beach and it was so beautiful it was a much-needed break from the city and I loved every minute. They spoiled us so much with fancy treats and it was amazing to take my shoes off in the sand. Breathe in the fresh salty air and seriously just think. Best. 

Its crazy here, and I am dead tired. But I love it and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love working with the inactives and re seeing their lives change and they come back. It’s the best. 

I love you so much. Your in 100000 of my prayers everyday and I just loooove you.

Xoxoxo viva la Chile xxoxo    Hma ball. 

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