Saturday, March 1, 2014

Pig's Head Stew

Hola familia. 

Ok let’s get to it-

Ok where to begin. Seriously this part is the hardest to write because there have been sooo many just strait up crazy experiences this week. 

Ok so I had ¨that night¨ that everyone says come. The hard one that is the worst and where the whole day you just understand nothing, and get so many doors slammed in your face and it seems like you did no good- you know the one. Well that was terrible and I had a little pity party and ate some ice-cream and cried it out- then just prayed my little heart out- had true conversation with Heavenly Father and now I’m good. Its still hard- holy cow, a mission is hard. But I love it. I’m working hard and there is so much good everyday I can't even remember what life was like before just giving it all to the lord and service. I love it.

That day had been the worst then we went to our appoint with José and Guissa and that was what had put it over the edge- man I love them- but sometimes its hard to be with them because they truly are becoming like my family. We just have connected so deep it just reminds me of you guys. But again- in the very best of ways. 

Then we had intercambios- I cant remember what this is called in English, but where you switch companions. You know. Well it was so good- it was awesome to get to go to a different sector and to see a little bit more of Chile. Also the Hma I was with is awesome.  She is just about done with her mission and had a bunch of really good advice and help. It was a very successful day. We taught so many good lessons- like lesson after lesson. 

Then cool thing happened with her. So, early in the afternoon we had a cita fall through so we were like "ok what’s the plan?"- so I said a prayer right there in the street and in it was interesting because I said something I didn’t know how to say in Spanish- and it was about finding a specifica person who was prepared just for us and this stuff.  So that was cool.  Then I was like- ok lets go find him. 
So we went to work and didn't have any super crazy experiences and we kind of just forgot about the prayer as we went to work. You know. But we were just finishing up and had about an hour until curfew so we were just going with it. When we saw 2 ladies chatting together so we stopped to talk and they were not that interested at all so I was wanting to get going but the Hma just kept talking to them about random stuff and what not. But then one of the ladies brothers came out- this was him! The guy I had prayed for! We didn’t know it until we finished chatting with him but he was completely prepared for the missionaries- it was so cool. We ended up chatting with him for 45 minutes then ran home to be able to make it for curfew. But he was sooo good. He just had really deep and real questions about God, then we taught him about prayer and right there in the street he prayed- then we committed him to baptism and everything it was crazy and so powerful- the only bummer is I wont be able to continue to teach him because its a different sector! But that's not what matters- I’m just so excited for him. 

Then Hma Johnson and I had a perfect picture lesson.  Seriously.   I can’t even explain it. So it’s an inactive family and they have a daughter who is 14 and really mature. Way solid.  We were teaching them- with a member present, Jasmine- who is a laurel so they are friends. And they were interacting and committed to everything we asked. Then we had an assignment from the bishop for the mom to help on Sunday and everything was sooo perfect with the whole family.  We were teaching on family prayer. Loved it. Like if someone had been recording it they wouldn’t believe it was real. 

Then this was actually kind of funny- so we had a Family Home Evening with this solid family, and a 19 yr. old kid and his nonmember girlfriend who was interested and stuff. But this is when it helps to be a new missionary who doesn’t know the language- because I guess I follow the spirit not the conversation! Ha-ha, so they are just giving the lesson and it was the end and I just really feel like we need to ask her to be baptized so I ask and it went over really well and she is interested-  but, I guess it was totally out of the blue- had nothing at all to do with what they were talking about and it took everyone back but it was awesome and so spiritual and just kind of hilarious. 

Ok, like 1008209438293 other things happened but man is it hot in this little Internet cafe and I can’t think of any of them. More next week. - I promise. 

Ok so this week we had a bit of the typical doors slamming in the face stuff but one of them was so funny- this lady just goes off about how I worship Joseph Smith- not that we do- but that I do. So I try to explain and she is just yelling and crazy but in a really funny way. I am trying not to laugh. Then she just slams the door. And now I am writing this it doesn’t actually sound that funny, but it was. And now I feel like a missionary.

Ok then, oh no. Fleas. Yup I got em. siiick. But it isn’t anything. 

Oh so I sent pictures- we are teaching this cutest couple EVER. ALEJANDRO Y ELLIANA. Best. Lets just talk about them for a minute. So he is exactly like the turtle from Kung Fu Panda and the praying mantise from Bug’s Life- just the cutest little thing. But he was showing us his metal from who knows what and he gave us them to wear so obviously we had to take pictures- and they were sooo excited to take pictures- she actually jumped up and down. Soo cute. I love them so much. He was the little old man from a bit ago whom we taught to pray and then we all had to go around praying because it was so cool and so fun. Love.

Oh, but while he was showing us his metal I wanted to ask "which is your favorite?"- so I ask Hma Johnson the word for "which"- which she she says- "brujha." Except that means WITCH. Hahah, so I am asking all these questions about the witch- they are all confused and Hma Johnson looses it- she is laughing so hard she cant even help correct. They had no idea what the heck I was talking about then we explained it and they DIED LAUGHING. So funny. 

People still cant get over how tan I am. It’s hilarious. One grandma in a lesson just kept staring at me. Then she would say stuff like "your eyes are so pretty. Your eyelashes are so big they touch your dark eyebrows¨ or "you’re so dark- but it’s actually pretty." Ha-ha or this was my favorite- ¨your forehead is so dark, buts its so pretty¨ What does that even mean? 

Then some members- oh you know her, the cute grandma I sent a pic of last week- hma cerson- made us ¨Thai food.¨ So we were pumped to have Thai food because everything here is so bland. Then when we got there we realized their idea of Thai food is like mom’s breakfast- left over stir-fry. Ha-ha it was funny- but still really really yummy- just not Thai food. But what were we gringas expecting from the Chileans making Thai food.

Ok so I had my first week in church because of the special conferences and stuff- so I introduce myself at the pulpit and I thought I was doing a good job with my Spanish until they laughed at something I was saying that was not suppose to be funny- so I’m not really sure what I said. Hahaha 

Then it is so chill here I love it. Like on Sunday we had dinner at the bishop’s house and they just ordered pizza for us because we are gringas- and they know we like it. Ha-ha. Love.

Oh so their is a big bull in the city center and it is like a really big deal-  the thing to see, the tourist spot and everyone always takes pictures with it- its so funny-. We had extra time waiting this morning waiting for one of our friends we were going to meet for lunch. So we were sitting there people watching with little honey roasted nuts- it was dreamy and hilarious. But this bull is here because Osorno is the city of beef- except it's funny because the only beef I have had is a couple hotdogs. Ha-ha

Ok speaking of food- the food adventure of the week was the pig head. Eww. So I have had a couple of gross things here but I’ve been able to swallow them all. But this- nope. - So its literally the nastiest thing of meat and its so gross and still had the pig hair on it and I took a bite and when no one was looking,  I full on had to spit it out and hide all of our meat in my bag. So then we get out of the house and I was like dry heaving. I cant even explain how rancid and rotten and just terrible the meat was. So I pull it out and try to feed it to "baca", the stray dog that lives outside of our house. And he eats the piece, spits it out- then chews it and spits it out again. It was so funny. The meat is so gross even a starving dog wont eat it. Ha-ha

Also best! I got 3 letters this week and 2 packages- all from grandma ball. It was the BEST surprise ever. Seriously. So good. Please keep sending letter- because they seriously are heaven. 

Well I got to run- we´ve got work to do! I love this gospel, I love my companion, I love my area, and I love all the adventures. Pig head and all. 

So much love. xoxoxo 

Hma. Ball. 

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