Sunday, March 16, 2014

Baptisms, rain and fleas

Hey we are not going to use all our time up right now- then in a couple of hours we are going to come back and read and print off letters. So write me! alison.ball (at) Let me know what’s up- all the funnies of the week or what ever. (Especially have the kids write me- man I miss them)

Ok first off, I got mail this week! Best! A letter from Gma Ball, your package momma and a package from Gma Simpkins! The best- seriously! It is gold to just hold something, even something little from home. So thank you soooo much. And the candies are lifesavers. Seriously. 

Ok let’s get right into it. 
What a week. First, Jose was baptized. The best thing ever. It was so beautiful and the best. We had a huge turnout from the ward- everyone loves José and Guissa, so that was so good. Then it was darling to see them so nervous. The service was beautiful- seriously it was perfect. I said a prayer! Which was so scary- I don’t even know why because I say 10910982437897312 prayers a day- almost entirely all out loud.  But I was so nervous for this and I just said a little prayer in my heart before I said the prayer and I spoke Spanish and actually got to explain my true feelings and expressions and it was the best. But overall my all time very favorite part was when José was in the font and when he comes up out of the water and he just stood there for a couple solid seconds with his eyes closed just taking it in, breathing. Then he opens his eyes smiles the BIGGEST smile ever and hugs the bishop and oh my heart. It was sooo good. 

Then after that we went back to the chapel and we had planned a musical number- and it was the family singing "I am a child of God"- but they asked me to sing with them because its family singing- so yet again oh my heart and oh the little baby tears. Best. 

Then on Sunday he got the Holy Ghost. Best. Seriously this week. So I didn’t understand most of the words in the blessing- but I sure did understand the spirit. Holy cow. Then that night we went to their house and you could just see the difference- I don’t know how to explain it- and it sounds super cliché and stuff but really his eyes and his smile and everything just he was completely lit up. It was seriously like magic. The best it was just how he was playing with his little girls and everything. Best.

Oh man I love it. You know what else I love- wearing my missionary badge. I love it. Everyday putting it on and then seeing it all throughout the day. I know we wear it so others know who we are- but I love it and I love the reminder that I truly and a daughter of God and that I truly am a representative of Him. Best. 

Oh man this week- so I taught seriously a million lessons on the plan of salvation. But one of them was powerful- I just got real and was able to explain Gordon’s death and how hard it is, but how he is living. I was able to simply explain and testify it is true and I love the spirit and the gift of tongues because I was speaking. And I know I was speaking Spanish and it was real but the spirit man- it was crazy. It was powerful I love it. 

One more was with a young couple who is pregnant and I explained pre earth life and that their daughter is with God and they knew her before this life and knew each other and all the cool stuff- then asked them to pray about it- the next night we went back over and they had prayed and she said she knows it is true and that she received an answer and it was crazy- seriously so good.

This week has been focused a lot on the plan of salvation- with our lessons, with my personal study and with this week being the 2 year mark of Gordon’s death it has been hard but so full of joy as I have taught theses people they truly have a purpose in their life now and that they will continue to have that purpose after death. I love it. And I know its true- and oh man do I miss and love you guys- but I’ve gotcha forever so it’s all good. :)

I had a couple more power things that I will write you about later. Xoxo

Ok. So here’s the deal. This week was so spiritual but also so funny. 

So I guess I was praying with Diego and Pamela and kept praying for "pomela" and all this stuff about "pomela"- which means grapefruit in Spanish. So that was a good laugh. 

Then this is not good- I have been having some crazy allergic reactions because of the 1000 million dogs everywhere in the houses and couches and just everywhere. So lets maybe pray together that I’ll be safe and able to breath and such. You know? Now pops, don’t fret it really isn't that big of a deal -just some minor coughs and sore throats and itching and nose problems. 

Ok, lets see here- oh yeah I risked my life this week. Seriously almost hit by a taxi. So there is this old man we are just chatting with and this taxi is a coming quick so we get out of the way, but this old man is not moving because he has this wheelbarrow full of stuff and just isn’t getting out of the street.  So I go and get him. Then I go to grab the wheel barrow but the car is a coming and I just get out of the way with the barrow, then I realized it was just chalk full of beer- so yeah that was a worthy cause to almost get smashed for. haha. 

Lets see, I was also almost mauled by a dog. It was the devil- I am sure of it.  So we are just going and one thing turns to another and all of a sudden this dog is full on barking and trying to bite my leg off. So I am screaming and swing my laundry bag at it- smashing it out of the way and it comes back, so I just take off running and it’s like biting and it was so scary.  We don’t walk on that street anymore. But the best part was the group of men just watching and laughing at the crazy gringas. 

Oh, and this was scary. So we were walking to church and these policemen stopped us and I was so nervous because I don’t have my visa so I am not actually legal because it is being processed right now. So they start asking questions but then it turns out they just want to know if we are giving English classes, because as policemen they get a higher pay for knowing English. So we explained yes and maybe the whole police force will come-. Which is super sweet and they were way cool. And as I learned from daddy, its good to have friends on the force. So that’s cool.

Oh man, the ward activity. So funny. So we having a stake activity where we are all reading the Book of Mormon in 4 months.  So this was the kick off activity. And we did this thing where we and the Young Women and Young Men dressed as characters from the Book of Mormon. So funny. Pictures to come (worst the computer wont process pictures right now so I will work on that.) but there are not many women in the Book of Mormon so I was simply representing the Lamanites as a whole. But it was so cute to see every one dressed up. Then we had a fashion show activity thing. So funny. Also in the pics me and Hma Johnson made the background. Pretty impressive eh mama? You’d be proud of my creativity :) 

Ok so flea update- I probably have 15-20 new bites, but it's ok because I’m not counting anymore.  It’s to crazy- but really it’s not bad, it’s just annoying- but I love it. I love the wacky stuff here. And it's weird because it is just becoming normal life- then I will be walking and be like "oh yeah, its not actually normal to have pigs just chilling on the street or cows just grazing in a play ground or 3 legged dogs everywhere."

Also, it’s starting to get cold.  And I love it. We get to make fires in our house and wear cool rain boots.  Well, the rain and cold part actually isn’t the best and I don’t actually love it. But I’m a here for 16 more months so, I love it. Ha-ha. 

Oh and your question momma- I will find out transfers next Saturday- crazy. But if I follow the pattern of the mission- and I mostly likely will- I will probably be here until mid July. Which is good because I love my area. 

Oh this week I got lost for about .2 seconds. So we were waiting for a taxi like we always do and I see one right as Hma Johnson says "there."  So I go to get in it. But she went to get on a bus- so then I have that little freak out of where am I and where am I suppose to be. So then I run and literally jump onto the bus and then it’s a gone and I made it.  But we both just look at each other and do that nervous laugh like "oh man that just happened." 

Ok I'm going try to figure out this camera thing. 

I love you. Sooooo much. xoxoox. 

Hma ball. 

P.s. momma, put my address right here
Hermana Ali Ball   
Chile Osorno Mision     
Casilla 7-0    
Osorno, X Region  
so then people will write me letters. Because seriously it is gold to hold a little piece of home. I love it. Ha-ha xoxo ok bye. 

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