Saturday, March 8, 2014

Cow intestine spaghetti. Oooooh baby

Hola familia.

Wow. It sure was a crazy week. 

We don’t have much time today- crazy amount of work to be done for Jose baptism today!!! 

BEST. Seriously I have been giddy all day. 

But I'll jump right in-

Jose and Guissa and girls.
Ok, so I was thinking and each week I never really write the spiritual experiences because I am so bad at explaining them- don’t worry momma I’ve been writing them in my journal like a good missionary- but I was thinking I’m having these crazy experiences- seriously so beautiful and full on crazy and I want to tell you about them but we only have about 40 minutes to email and I don’t feel like I can explain them- so I think what I will do is write them on paper and send them home- you know. Then I can actually sit and explain it because it is way stressful writing home. I love it but the little Internet places in the capitol are really hot and loud and there is crazy music and buses honking. So I'm going try this out. 

But don’t worry I'll tell you some of the little spiritual things to get you through the weeks until the letters get to you. 

Ok, this week has been so good getting José ready for today! Best there has just been a crazy spirit with us and with him every single time we are together. He is so ready. 
Wedding Party
Then José and Guissa got married this week! Beeeeeest. Oh my, seriously. So the ceremony itself wasn’t spiritual- it’s interesting and oh my, I love the temple. But afterwards when their little girls ran over and gave them and us hugs and kisses- that’s when the spirit set in and just testified to me that families truly are forever. It’s so crazy and beautiful- and that’s what keeps me going when it gets hard here. I miss you kids like crazy- but to see people like José and Guissa completely change their family’s lives and get on track for the happiest life- I LOVE IT. 

This week we also had my first zone conference- I loved what I understood of it- ha-ha. But part of it was in English with a translator and again it was just a little tender mercy from Heavenly Father to get instruction and inspiration- that I could actually understand- gold.
My Zone
Then last night we had an YW activity with 2 wards- it was such a good turn out- we had 5 YW and 2 investigators!!! Best. Seriously it was so cool to see that many YW together. We watched Mormon messages. Killer. I could understand the first part because it was in English with a voice over- then the 2nd I couldn’t understand at all- but holy cow the spirit was crazy. Seriously, I didn’t need to understand the language to understand the beauty of the message. Then the 3rd there weren’t any words at all and again- strait up killer. Then I just bore testimony that even though I don’t understand the language I understood what was going on through the spirit and the investigators were able to connect with that because they don’t understand the doctrine and such but they understand the feelings they got. It was so cool.
Some of the YW.  
So in the middle of relief society- we are just chilling listening to the lesson and one of the ladies is like "pss- Hma ball." Then she pulls out this thing of sunscreen and has it passed across the row to me, then points to my face then to hers and pretends to put sunscreen on. But the funny this is she was dead serious. Ha-ha I died. Seriously, I had to bow my head and look down because I was giggling so hard. 

Then when we were doing the stuff for the wedding the day before the wedding- they asked hma Johnson and I to be the witnesses- but I couldn’t do it because I am not actually legal- my visa is still being processed. So we were all a bit sad. So I made the joke that I am the witness in spirit. So when they had to sign 76 papers and hand over their visas I signed a sticky note and gave them my UT driver’s license. - So were like cracking up laughing- José crying he’s laughing so hard and the grumpy legal lady is not impressed and is just full judging us-which just makes the whole thing funnier. 

Ok, then another time, I said this very beautiful prayer about the ward and the people in the ward and how much I love the ward. Ha-ha, but there is a little difference- two words barrio and barro. barrio is ward. barro is mud. So I was praying about the mud and the people in the mud. Ha-ha 

One guy asked if we wanted to live with him- he would pay for everything. So we told him that’s not allowed or good. Then he was like "I'll get baptized! I'll do anything. I'll be a Mormon." Nope. Got to love the little drunks. But really- they keep it interesting and funny. 

Ok we have been chopping wood like mad women. I love it. Seriously- everyone here heats their houses for winter- and winter is long and cold so we need a lot of wood. So we have been chopping our own wood then chopping wood for service. But my body is wrecked. I love it and I love the hard work. -It’s a good change up. But my shoulders and back feel it. And I messed my hand up something nasty- all bruised and a little bloody and stuff. But it’s the best. 

Also, mom did I get my tetanus shot. Just wondering, ha-ha

Chilean BBQ
Ok next, so Carolina is my best friend here. Seriously- she is 20 and the best. She is inactive and she is helping me with my Spanish and I get to practice the lessons on her and its so good. We are also giving her piano lessons. Best. Seriously, and on p-days we go out to eat and she shows us the happening places. And she is the best. It's the best because she is a real friend- some one I can just talk to about how it is and I love her. 

Oh so the other day we were at her house and when we walked in they had been watching harry potter in Spanish. So I got to see and hear about 30 sec. of it while they found the remote. So funny. But the best. Loved it- and loved my little nerdy love for it. 

Ok food of the week- cow intestine spaghetti.  Oh baby. What a treat. 
flea protection
Then fleas. Oh man this week I literally got eaten alive. I have so many. I counted- 38 just on my stomach. Then with the rest of my body I have over 50 bites. But don’t worry mama, I bought spray and hma Johnson mom sent flea collars so we put them in our beds. 

Ok got to run. There’s work to be done! Can't wait to tell you all about the baptism. 

Xoxo. So much love. 

As cheesy as it is Meg, Jer and Nate- just think what would Jesus do with every though, action and word. Its what I’ve been doing and I love it. I’m so happy here. 

Love you muches.

Xoxoxoxo wwjd xoxox 
Hma ball 

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