Friday, April 10, 2015

El Vive

¨I testify of Him. I know His voice. ¨ Elder Cook

I love Easter and especially love Easter Sunday and conference combined.

We had quite the week. Lots of rain and Hermana Confreres goodbyes. We had a bunch of great little lessons with the churche video "Gracias a que él vive." (Because He lives)  It’s wonderful. But we have shared it with almost every single person. 

I was thinking about how great it would be to have an ipad- so I recorded it on my camera and we have taken it to the street, and its better because my camera is waterproof so rain or not we can show it to everyone. We have had a couple very cool experiences sharing it with the members, the less actives, our investigators and random people all over Puerto Cisnes!

We had a cool experience with one family. We showed them the video, "en media lluvia", ( "An average Rainfall") and then testified of the plan of God for the families- we have a lesson with them this next week! 

I also found a box of plastic Easter eggs in our house – so I turned into Jill Ball and made little gems for our investigators, less actives and members. But the best were these little ones for street contacts or knocking doors. It was so cute to see how excited adult strangers would get. Ha-ha. Down to the bagger at the grocery store. I told them there was a treat for their stomach and a treat for their soul then explained the website for the churches video. J

We had a lot of success this week. We bused down to coyahique (where I am writing from now. In all, I will be here on this little business trip for 7 days. Crazy.) But we had a rocking activity. We rented out the one movie theater here. It’s like the sticky shoe in American Fork, little and perfect and with only one screen. 

We had a huge tomb, just like Jesus's and the people had to walk in to see a video of Jesus Christ and the video from the church. It was cool. We had popcorn, and all took shifts with flashlight helping people to their seats. Then we all went out and did contacting and invited everyone. Just in those 3 hours my comp and me talked to more than 70 people in-between our shifts. We also went out with some of the youth and helped them do the contacting- especially focusing on families and other youth. 

So cool. We ended up having more than 120 people come. Way cool.
I have really enjoyed these days in Coyhaique. It’s great working close to the missionaries and being in intercambios (exchanges) with the Hermana’s. We have been in intercambions almost every day. And it’s been incredible.

It’s cool because right now we are in a house with me, a Peruvian, a Guatemalan and a Mexicana. It’s been a party. On Saturday before conference Hermana Lagua, the Peruvian, taught me how to cook lomo saltado and then today I learned REAL Mexican tacos. So yummy. The kind where we had to have tissues on the table because of the spice. Mmmmmhmm so good. 

Tonight I’m going cook up peanut butter and chocolate oatmeal cookies.
Seriously the best way to spend Easter!  I love the photos from rock-climbing in Moab. But you guys have got nothing on me. … J I love testifying of Him. It so cool to be working with dear sisters from all over the world just working and working in what we love. 

Here a lot of the people are Catholic. But it’s in "their way" that really just means they believe in God, love their families and live. Its so cool to explain to people that the resurección wasn´t just a story that happened a long time ago, but an event that is today. To help them understand the true importance of the plan of salvation, this grand plan of happiness that is specifically for them.

It was wonderful to watch all of conference in Spanish. Super cool.  When they announce that the Elder was going to speak in his native language of Spanish I accidently gave a loud ¨woohooo! ¨ That made rows around us in the church building laugh and my companion explained, but it’s all in Spanish? But its so cool to hear a general authority speak in his language- the translation is perfect.  And it was fun to hear a Chilean accent! 
But like Elder Cook said ¨I know His voice. ¨  Its interesting the difference of a voice. Oh how I missed hearing the brethren. Especially our dear prophet. We heard in English ¨My beloved brothers and sisters¨ and then the translator jumped in. And it was wack.

I couldn´t help but think about the saviors voice, how I am trying to learn what His voice sounds like. And the thing is I can feel it when I am feeling the spirit. I am so grateful to be a missionary. I am so happy for the resurrection and that we are going to be the happiest family forever.

I love you guys so much. Xoxo Hermana Ball

P.s. we found out cambios. My new companion is going to be Hermana Rodriquez! (This time from Peru not El Salvador!) But it’s cool because I know her. We entered the mission together- but she ends the cambio after me. 

Two crazy ¨what a small world stories.¨ First, months ago Elder Bradshaw was the zone leader where her boyfriend was serving and figured out that we were both serving here. Then explained it to us and we were chatting. So that was cool. And way random.

Then get this. She is from Alejandro’s ward or stake in Peru! So cool. So that means when we were in Peru we visited her church building. The crazy funny thing… she wasn’t there because she was visiting Utah! Crazy. Like a little switch and now we´ve figured it out. Cool. But she flies in on Wednesday. So stories to come.

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