Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Hermana Mullett takes on Patagonia

Let me tell you a little story about how I became this missionary with a mullet. 

You know when you get a prompting from the spirit? For like 16 months telling you not to cut your hair and to just wait until you are back in the states. Then in a moment of not thinking you find a member in Coyhaique and she says that she will just trim the ends. Pinky promise. Then you tell her in detail just the ends- then you tell your Spanish speaking companion and she tells her as well just to make sure.....

Then when the said member chances her mind because I looked to ¨gringo¨ ha-ha and then she cuts 5-6 inches off. And it is butchered in 3 different places. Butcher. Like inches of difference.

Now I am just Hermana mullet. Oh boy. I was able to fix it a little. But literally I now can only use a half ponytail or my hair is pulled back into a bun because it is SO BAD.  I cried. And my companion cried. And one of the other missionaries almost cried because it was so ugly we didn't know what to do. And the other 3 missionaries just looked at me in silence as we all just thought of what to do. So bad. I sent home a picture after we did all we could to fix it and then my companion put a bucket load of makeup on me to make it better. And the photo really doesn’t show how stinking ugly it is.

But here’s the thing. It makes for a good story right? Ha-ha, now we can laugh about it. Like the other day we were walking and my companions all "lets change streets".... so we walk to the next block and she´s all... "because that street had way to many people with long hair." Ha-ha. 

She’s to good. Offered to go get her hair cut as well. But for real not just a joke. So cute. 

But I was thinking right? And I was all how can I make this a happy experience. What am I to learn, right? And I was thinking- honestly last week and part of this week was a bit rough. 

I hate how fast time is flying and honestly I was starting to doubt a bit on what I’ve done and if I could have done better. Which is terrible. I feel very, very happy with my mission. Oh boy, do I love it. But I got seriously doubting on myself and critical of every little thing. 

We were in a conference this week and the stake president explained how we have to support our brethren in their calling because Satan tries so hard to make someone feel unworthy to serve. How he will do everything possible to get someone to doubt. And in that moment I realize that that is exactly what I was doing. You know? It also happened right as this nasty haircut went down. 

And I kept thinking- why did I get it cut. If I had just not because I had felt not to do it before and was frustrated, oh boohoo boo boo. 

But long story even longer than it needs to be. Every time I look at my ugly hair I just think about how it happened and I've got to move on. Yeah there are times in my mission when I could have done one thing better or pushed a little harder but it's happened. And I've just got to enjoy it.  So here’s to pony tails and smacking away Satan and waking up every morning hitting the ground running because ¨ain´t nobody got time for that. ¨ Am I right dad? 

Also, we were able to have 2 super cool conferences this week. The first was with Elder Oaks- it was streamed in from Argentina- it’s for the youth but we made it right in time to listen to him and his cutest little wife. I loved it. It was fun to think about our one young man here, Diego, and take notes for him. But Elder Oaks talked a lot about keeping the Sabbath day holy. How Sunday is a day to ¨further the work of the Lord and love in our families. ¨ Love. I will definitely be teaching that one line to all the members and investigators here. Because how true it is. It so simple. 

Also, we had our district conference (stake conference) it was so cool because on Saturday we had 12 members and Sunday we have 17! So cool. It was awesome to see the sacrifice of our members to leave their families, work and bus the 4 hours down for two days. They were able to bunk with other members there and it was a super successful weekend. 

One of my favorite parts of the conference was that we were in the choir for the 2 days. And we were sitting on the stand and one of the little cutest grandmas got up to give her talk and she started talking but her head didn't pass the pulpit so they pulled the little stool for kids out and she was able to lay down the law about the Sabbath day. Ha-ha so cute. 

We also had all of Saturday on preparation. Things are getting pretty crazy here in Chile- I bet you guys have seen the photos of the other volcanoes that went off (its close to Rio Bueno- my last sector. Boohoo, why didn’t it blow 6 moths ago! ha-ha) but it was cool. To learn more about how to help the rama (branch/ward) be literally prepared for these things. But also spiritually. 

Get his then we had a bunch of meeting with the Elders and oh boy did I get a bunch of mail. Love. I got mom and grandmas Easter packages. So yummy and so cute. Also dad’s different letters from each of his offices in Asia. WAY COOL. And one from Haley Brunsdale and Andréa devore. Also postcards from jer, Nate, Meg and dad and 3 letters from grandma ball. Love, love, love. 

Also this week was awesome 

(Hey I am going to send this and finish in a second.) 

But it was such a great week. We were able to do a lot with the Hermana’s. Another one of those weeks out of the sector. But we kicked it hard in their sectors and found a lot of new people! 

Little gems. 

Hna Thatcher- I love her. We were in the same district when I was in Rio Bueno so it’s been fun to have her here. We are way good friends. And she’s from Cedar City so it will be fun. But we kicked it in Aysen. We had a seriously awesome day and had a couple of those experiences where I felt we were being set up because it was too good. 

One was when we knocked a door and it turned into one of "those" lessons on the doorstep. Full of a complete explanation of the restoration, reading the book of Mormon with her and being able to purely testify of the truthfulness. We walked away in shock just smiling and smiling at each other. So good. 

Then with Hermana Cheadle (she was roommates at BYU with some of the kids I know from Lone Peak. whaat?) well we are going to be dear friends when we get back. She´s also pretending to be a normal muggle missionary. You know what I mean. But we are able to teach a new investigator the plan of salvation and it was sooo cool because it was one of those moments when they get it. You know? When her eyes got all big and you could tell she was feeling it and then she got breathing really fast and opened up to us about her depression and how she isn´t sure if Heavenly Father is listening to her prayers- because she praying a lot but isn´t seeing any results. And all. It was so cool. So good. I love that moment when they get it and then open up. Love. 
Also I was with Hermana Pinto- she is from Columbia and new in the mission. It was so good. But it was cool because we had just had a meeting with the Elders and they made a new plan for us to find new investigators. So we went out to work and nothing was working. At all. No one was home, no one was in the street, and we tried visiting less actives- nothing. Even knocking doors wasn´t working. So it was really dark at night but we stopped under a tree and I offered a pray that we would be able to find someone who we could show the video to. (Part of the new program.) And we said amen and started walking and I asked Hermana Pinto want she thought- and I had a house in mind in the street and she said the very same blue house. 

So we walked over and knocked and a lady answered and we talked to her and explained it all and she said no.... then waited a second and said, but there is someone here who you can talk to... and walked inside and a man came out. 

It was so cool. Because we were able to show him the video recorded on my camera and it was even more interesting because he was really, really unreceptive. But we were able to share and testify and left. And as we were walking I could tell Hna Pinto was a little disappointed but I felt so good. Because literally less than a minute after our prayer Heavenly Father answered for what I asked. I never asked for someone who would be receptive. I just asked that we could find someone. We talked about this experience and how cool Heavenly Father is. After this my prayers have become more specific because I KNOW He is going to answer. It’s like the brother of Jared. I just have to make the plan. 

Well family I have got to run. But here’s just a little list of gems. 

-Hermana Norma is my best friend here. She is a member and we are helping her prepare for the temple next year and it’s the beeeest. Really. 

-We had a family home evening with our branch president family and ate a good ole fried cow tongue. With bread, tongue and spicy sauce. Actually bien rico. 

And then we did magic show while we were sitting there but they were actually things we had planned and were cheating. So fun. 

-Also we had the bus ride for all the members and on the way back I pulled a classic Hermana Ball, like on the way to Yellowstone..... Shoot. Ha-ha, so I yell that I have to throw up and the van driver shrieks to a stop- the branch president, pres ancamil, throws open the door... and while the van is still moving I jump out and slip on the wet grass. Ha-ha, I am sitting here in the library cracking up thinking about yesterday. But, I slip in the mud and grass. Slide but am still running and throw up behind a little bush. Hahahahha so funny. My companion was in the van and said they were just all ¨wooooaaaahhhh¨

Ha-ha what a week. It’s always an adventure in the Patagonia. 

xoxo mullet ball. 

On a side note, Ali's dad had a business trip to Arequipa, Peru.  The hometown of her companion, Hermana Rodriguez, and was able to meet up with her dad.  Two proud papas.

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