Monday, April 20, 2015

Hermana Ball: theater promoter, rock star and missionary

First of all, awesome! I love Hermana Rodriquez. She is such a good friend. I mean really. We just sit and laugh and make plans and laugh and cry. It’s the best. We are working really well together and she´s a rock star. 

Its fun. The lessons are awesome- more to come. But also, the little things. Like we have to cook lunch on Sundays- so I taught her how to cook a hotdog in the fire and her first taste of smores. So good. 

Then the next lunch she teaches me how to cook Peruvian. We´re a good team. Or our little adventures always. Today’s p-day adventure was cracking up laughing or crying together over the Mormon messages. So fun. 

Oh, but this week was awesome because 8 of our members were able to get their patriarchal blessings! We had talked with our mission president at Christmas to try and get a patriarch to fly down, but nope. Then this week yes! It was amazing. It’s the first time a patriarch has been here and a couple of the members have literally been waiting 10 or more years to get one. We were able to go to each house and teach and get them excited and testify and it was wonderful. 

The branch is rocking. There is still a lot to do. Shoot. But, its really, really good. And between me and Hna R we have about 100,000 ideas. The first is, we are planning a movie theater night in the church. 

There isn´t a movie theater even close to here- the closest is a 4 hour bus ride.  So we think it will be a big hit. We´re looking in to a projector and all. We´re going to show a Mormon message and then a family movie. A Mexican animated one that should be fun and we are going to invite all the families. Then we are going to teach them all and convert all of Puerto Cisnes. :) Hopefully it’s successful and we´ll do it every couple weeks! 

Also this week we taught a lot about the plan of salvation. Oh, I love this happy plan of happiness! We had a couple really great lessons. One was with M. We are teaching her and her children and they are receptive. Down to the little ones, it´s so, so cute.  The only problem is no one is married around here and it’s quite the legal deal. But it’s all-good. 

Also, we were able to teach a less active couple. They are really struggling as a couple. It was interesting and an interesting lesson- because she is kind of just done with the marriage and he is fighting. It amazing to teach with the spirit because as Ali, I have no idea about marriage or how to teach the doctrine specifically for their needs. But its crazy cool being Hermana Ball. I love it. I love, love, love teaching and love the spirit. 

We finished the lesson and more just listening to them and walked out and just looked at each other- the first thing I said was just how completely grateful I was to have grown up in a gossip principle based and a loving home. And my companion said the same. It’s amazing to see how perfect, down to the details, the church has it. Just how happy of a life we can really have. 

Also, we are still teaching that one investigator who has been meeting with the missionaries on and off for over 25 years. Ha, when I was just typing I accidently wrote 235 years- but it could practically be the same because she knows it all. And yet, just no. But here’s the thing. She is awesome. So we have completely changed it up. We are planning and teaching the lessons in a way we know she hasn´t seen it. With the proclamation to the family and videos and everything. So cool. Yesterday we taught about the prophet, prayer and revelation. So cool. I am really excited to see in this next week if it will make a difference and if she will feel it! 

Ok, the "cool" missionary lessons of the week. Sometimes we have these different lessons where I ¨feel like a missionary.¨  You know? Well ours was when we were walking and I remembered a door we´d knocked a bit back so we went to stop by and ended up having a sweet lesson outside of the house. One of those where she is sitting their smoking the whole time and sitting on the door step and we teach her and her kids, all of us singing and all. It was cool. We ended with a prayer right there and it was good. I am not sure how much she will progress- but it was one of those cool street lessons where we finished feeling like rock stars. We are going back to teach tonight- so we will see! 

We had a couple problems with our woodpile and ended up having to move 4 by 4 meters of wood. We were in our shed and it was torrential rain and so crazy. We also ended up moving a broken car- pushing it all soaking wet with our rain boots and all in the mud. Ha-ha the mission is such a crazy adventure. 

But more adventure to come because this week we are traveling again. Shoot. But it will be cool. Intercambios, then we are going to have stake conference and we are renting a bus to take all the members with us! Woohoo. Roadtrip! 

I love you! Have a happy week! xoxo 

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